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As part of the Hi-Force On-Site Bolting Services offering, the company is able to mobilise to site bespoke 20-foot containers, fully equipped, as either a bolting tool store, or a mobile on-site training facility, incorporating all the necessary training equipment, to deliver bolting training courses, to the highest possible standard.
We currently have four containers mobilised across two plant construction sites and our clients are already seeing the benefit of employing a specialist Bolting Services Company, to manage all of their joint integrity needs at site.
Dey, "Behaviour of joints containing clay infill under constant normal stiffness, with and without bolting," Geotechnical Engineering, vol.
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It is surely that this testing measure can evaluate the bearing capacity of a bolting system; a specially designed sample that is able to sustain a large pullout load under laboratorial environment will undoubtedly provide better reinforcement to rock in practical trials.
In addition, the last segment aligned along the bolting system should avoid being 5 cm and 7 cm; otherwise the pullout test would cause a premature failure close to the tube-clamp end considering mechanical equilibrium illustrated in Figure 3.
Stage 8 Locking Fasteners supplies a different type of bolting solution: a system comprised of a grooved, multisided nut or bolt, a mating retainer, and a spring clip.
Hi-Force UK operates from a "state-of-the-art" manufacturing facility, located in Daventry, England, that houses everything from product design, through to manufacture, assembly, testing and certification, of an extensive range of bolting tools, as well as many other types of high pressure hydraulic tooling.
The Hi-Force On-Site Bolting Services Division, managed from the Hi-Force UK Head Office, can now offer clients pre-start on-site surveys, full and comprehensive analysis of bolted joint needs and requirements, development of correct procedures, including all required bolted joint load calculations, on-site supervision, using ECITB qualified and trained supervisors, on-site bolted joint integrity training courses, for the nominated contractors technicians, full flange management control, utilising the Hi-Force BOLTRIGHT PRO calculation software and of course high quality UK manufactured bolting tools.
Before covering these, first consider the basic anatomy of a bolting operation.
Though the above indicates that bolting is still an art, hydraulic torque wrenches are 30% more accurate than mechanical torque multipliers, air tools, electric nut runners and other more traditional torquing technologies.
Tamrock's bolting rigs provide fully mechanised rock bolting to ensure excellent bolting quality.
The rock bolting program was first targeted for a short section of the hanging wall located immediately below a haul road.
Energy, torque, thrust, and rotation speed of the bolting equipment to be used are also all important variables to be considered in formulating customized anchoring products.
This suggests that as forces are redistributed, demands on the support function of a bolting system reduce.