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When the bolting issue first surfaced months back, it ballooned into ``a very big issue,'' said Gary Daigneault, chairman of the park's advisory committee.
As Mayville sees it, bolting has become a ``power control issue'' on the park's behalf.
Tamrock has been manufacturing fully mechanised bolters since 1979 and since that year, about 400 bolting rigs have been delivered.
The Cabolt machine for cable bolting requires only a single operator and has all the necessary equipment for drilling, grouting and bolt feeding.
When sized correctly, a hydraulic torque wrench can cut many hours from typical bolting operations.
Before covering these, first consider the basic anatomy of a bolting operation.
At that time, a ground support program consisting of rock bolting was instigated.
The rock bolting program was first targeted for a short section of the hanging wall located immediately below a haul road.
Rock and cable bolting more and more widely used for speed, safety, cost
Here, systematic rock bolting has been employed in a regular room-and-pillar sandstone-mining operation for over 20 years.