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The reinforcing mechanism of bolted intact rock deserves more attention than only bolted joints.
To determine the quantitative influencing effect of bolts on rock, more than 90 bolted and nonbolted concrete blocks were tested by an oblique shear test apparatus, which applied increasing shear force and normal force proportionally and simultaneously until the test sample reached the failure point.
and Friedrich, C., "Self-Loosening of Three Similar Bolted Joint Designs Using Finite Element Analysis," SAE Technical Paper 2014-28-0035, 2014, doi:10.4271/2014-28-0035.
[13.] DIN 25201-4 Design guidelines for railway vehicles and their components - Bolted joints - Part 4: Securing of bolted joints.
If you look at the much bigger picture, you will see reduced greenhouse gases, reduced construction and maintenance costs, increased productivity, and a can-do attitude where bolted joints are the subject.
The guidance of PCC-1-2010 can be applied at just about every stage of the development and use of bolted flange joints.
The design of the critical bolted joints must be evaluated thoroughly, and the manufacturing and quality of the fastener parts must conform to the precise design requirements."
Good reference information can be found in IFI's, "Fastener Standards, Sixth Edition;" and in "An Introduction to the Design & Behavior of Bolted Joints," by John Bickford, which is also available from IFI.
"However, in today's high-speed and litigious world, better knowledge of how to assemble bolted joints is needed," Bickford says.
This is particularly relevant when bolted joint technology is used in pipelines, pressure vessels, valves and heat exchangers where hydrocarbons and combustible fluids and gases are processed and moved around.
Also, because of the position of the bolt pattern, the halves do not rest evenly when bolted together on the floor.
For many years, manual torque wrenches were the primary tool for applying the specified force to bolted connections.
In the third test area (Pattern 3), only the crest of the bench was bolted, leaving the bottom 6 m unsecured and using 60% fewer bolts than the 1.5 x 1.5-m pattern.