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This plate can be used as a multi bolted joint with two M10 bolts with different load introduction possibilities and to study the self-loosening behavior as in [10].
This study evaluated the minimum end distance and bolt spacing for bolted connections of LVL Sengon, a new emerging and sustainable building material available in Indonesian markets recently.
But each bolt in that expensive piece of loading, hauling, or process equipment is part of the unit's overall design, specified for a purpose, and improper bolt substitution or misapplication of tightening force on a bolted connection can result in failure, reduced performance, warranty problems, or even unintended disassembly of a vital component.
There are a lot of areas where you wouldn't be able to climb,'' said Peck, who ascends bolted routes in Malibu Creek State Park three times a month.
The sacrificial component is the steel bearing track bolted to the machine frame sides, which requires specific adjustment and torque ranges to maintain bearing pre-loading and alignment of the moving ram.
Engineers can identify literally dozens of variables affecting the assembly of bolted joints.
Also, because of the position of the bolt pattern, the halves do not rest evenly when bolted together on the floor.