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The Dorsoduro stands tall, although at 5ft 6in I can still reach the ground, while the bolt upright position lets me see above all the traffic, helping me avoid the crazy Sicilian drivers who pull out in front of me like I don't exist.
Standing bolt upright in the saddle hanging off his poor horse's mouth is no way to treat the winner of a weak seller, a horse walking home from the gallops or a happy cob out hacking.
As he deteriorated a senior doctor prescribed him two antibiotics, but his sister Roxane Walczak-Doughty said when a nurse began injecting the first, amoxicillin, he sat bolt upright and began gasping like a goldfish and vomited.
Cantona just laughed, said hello and strolled back to the hub of the action, collar bolt upright as usual.
And I woke up at three in the morning, bolt upright, looked into the corner of the room and thought I saw Trudie standing there with a child - our child - in her arms, staring at me.
Within moments of the injection, Mrs Leighton jerked forward and sat bolt upright in her bed.
Jacking ourselves up on heels make our calves and shins tensed and elongated as your posture is kept bolt upright.
As he was filling out the paperwork Maria sat bolt upright and asked when the Germans' next match was on.
Malcolm got up out of his wheelchair, sat up bolt upright and walked around.
When I tell this story in Hollywood, agents and film executives sit bolt upright, eyes wide open.
Suddenly he sits bolt upright, the sheet falling to one side to reveal a tortured face.
I bet she sits there, bolt upright, the whole way, so she can look just as immaculate and unruffled as she did when she got on.
I can lie back, legs very much outstretched, in a pleasing 45degree position, while poor less fortunate souls sit miserably bolt upright.
As he did so the "corpse" sat bolt upright and began to plead