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An abbreviation for "be on the lookout," used when one needs to watch for something or someone. BOLO for my email! It will have all the instructions you need for the project.

be on the look out

and BOLO
phr. & comp. abb. establish and maintain surveillance [for someone]. (A police notation.) BOLO for a 65-year-old woman with tattoos on her upper arms. We’ll be on the look out for your stolen car.
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Na degustacao, o bolo de abobrinha teve 82,5% de satisfacao e o bolo de maca de 72,5%.
Two helicopters from the military's Northern Luzon Command will be airlifting today food packs for residents of Bolos Point.
The CJTF Paladin BOLOs occur as the result of post-blast analysis (PBA) conducted by the various explosive ordinance detachments supporting the overall mission.
Atraves do comportamento ingestivo, foi possivel avaliar a influencia do alimento sobre o ambiente ruminal por meio da mastigacao mericica, que ocorre durante a remastigacao e salivacao do bolo alimentar, processos realizados na ruminacao.
Para verificacao das condicoes do processamento, higiene e manipulacao do file de tilapia in natura e dos bolos com pescado prontos para consumo, foi realizada analise microbiologica utilizando-se metodologia para pesquisa de coliformes a 45[degrees]C, contagem de Staphylococcus coagulase positiva pela tecnica direta, presenca de Salmonella sp.
tab] = 2,60, lo que indica, al no pertenecer a la region critica, un tratamiento individual para los bolos de cada una de las especies.
In a commentary accompanying Noble and Blum's argument, Bolos and her colleagues question the revision of their work, noting that a standard alcoholism screening test reveals no difference in symptom severity between alcoholic participants with and without the gene.
But it earned its name from the thriving industry that has been producing 'tabak,' the ubiquitous bolo used by farming folk, since the early 1900s.
Para o desenvolvimento das diferentes formulacoes das pre-misturas de bolos foi considerada uma formulacao basica contendo (g/100g): farinha de linhaca dourada 7,5; farinha de arroz 22,5; fecula de mandioca 15; goma xantana 0,3; acucar 53,3; sal 0,5 e fermento quimico 0,9.
Este trabalho teve como objetivos elaborar a farinha de yacon, avaliar a composicao quimica de diferentes concentracoes de farinha de yacon na elaboracao de bolos e analisar sensorialmente essas preparacoes elaboradas.
Now expect the baby boom on Teesside in November to produce a glut of little Bolos.
Different methods of diagnosing alcoholism may contribute to the contrast between the two gene studies, Bolos and her co-workers suggest in their report.
I do not know what happened to the bolo or where it is today, but when I did some cross-referencing in the 1938 Catalogue of Paintings, Sculptures, and Historical Objects published by the National Gallery of Art and History, there were three bolos in the state collection.
The records repetitiously mention guns and revolvers, but never sabers or bolos.