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An abbreviation for "be on the lookout."
1. Used to instruct someone to watch for something or someone else. BOLO for my email! It will have all the instructions you need for the project.
2. A bulletin containing information about a suspect, as in police procedures. We pulled the car over because it matched the description on that BOLO we got earlier. The dispatcher then sends out a BOLO so that the officers on the street know what the suspect looks like.
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be on the look out

and BOLO
phr. & comp. abb. establish and maintain surveillance [for someone]. (A police notation.) BOLO for a 65-year-old woman with tattoos on her upper arms. We’ll be on the look out for your stolen car.
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However, Bolos argued that it was not possible to "assess the alcoholics in the study by Blum et al.
Bolos Point (population: 800) is located on the eastern shoreline of Gattaran facing the Pacific Ocean.
A farinha de yacon apresentou potencial para participar como ingrediente em formulacao de bolos, pois as formulacoes que continham farinha de yacon apresentaram caracteristicas sensoriais agradaveis.
Yet Bolo has been widely and cruelly slammed on the phone-ins, the message boards and from the stands and has been become the boo-boys favoured scapegoat when Boro have faltered.
Bonifacio's bolo is most significant, iconographically, because the supremo of the Katipunan is always depicted in art brandishing one.
Bolos said farmers had observed significant improvement in their crops compared to soaked plants.
Foi realizada entao uma pesquisa de aceitabilidade das receitas dos bolos de abacaxi e banana, visto que estes alimentos apresentam grande teor de nutrientes e grande quantidade de perda das partes nao convencionais, sendo que fizeram parte desta pesquisa de aceitabilidade um total de 50 pessoas, sendo 11 homens e 39 mulheres, com idades entre 18 e 55 anos, predominando as idades de 18 a 25 anos, em ambos os sexos.
Em seguida, os participantes degustaram os bolos de maca e abobrinha sem saber qual o ingrediente principal, logo apos foi revelado o sabor dos bolos e abordado os principais beneficios dos ingredientes como farinha integral, aveia, maca e abobrinha.
It was just the seventh minute when Bolo Zenden stepped up to make it 2-0 in the 2004 Carling Cup final.
As an enabler to this, the RC-E team provides a mechanism for distribution of warrants and BOLOs in English, Dari, and Pashtu, with the individual's photo and explanation of the offense.
[dia.sup.-1]) = numero de bolos ruminados; MMtb (seg [bolo.sup.-1]) = tempo de mastigacao mericica por bolo ruminal; e MMnb (N.
(2006), normalmente sao ruminados, por dia, cerca de 360 a 790 bolos alimentares, podendo ocorrer de 40 a 70 movimentos mandibulares em periodos de 45 a 60 segundos.