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An abbreviation for "be on the lookout."
1. Used to instruct someone to watch for something or someone else. BOLO for my email! It will have all the instructions you need for the project.
2. A bulletin containing information about a suspect, as in police procedures. We pulled the car over because it matched the description on that BOLO we got earlier. The dispatcher then sends out a BOLO so that the officers on the street know what the suspect looks like.
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be on the look out

and BOLO
phr. & comp. abb. establish and maintain surveillance [for someone]. (A police notation.) BOLO for a 65-year-old woman with tattoos on her upper arms. We’ll be on the look out for your stolen car.
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But the risk is, even a jovial or innocuous comment can throw a person into the BOLO list, said a former Facebook security employee regretting that no clear standards are followed in deciding what can make a person land on the list. 
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