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bollocks up

rude slang To ruin or make a mess of something. "Bollocks" is a vulgar slang term for testicles. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bollocks" and "up." Primarily heard in UK. Boy, you really bollocksed up this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it. Take your time so you don't bollocks it up!
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bollocksed up

rude slang Bungled; messed up. "Bollocks" is a vulgar slang term for testicles. Primarily heard in UK. The report came out of the printer really bollocksed up. The pages are all out of order now, and I think a whole section is missing! It's become pretty apparent by now that the whole project has gotten completely bollocksed up.
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"There are days when you come to the track and you are bollocksed, knackered, nothing in the body," he added.
He'd announce "bollocksed up at work again, millions down the drain", then completely fail to recognise the famous actress played by Julia Roberts.
"If they're tired here, they're bollocksed." Quite.
"We got absolutely bollocksed. We finished about three in the morning and one of them opened the door to leave and went smack, straight on to his face.
King, among the first to congratulate Stewart, reported that Franchoek had "given his all and he's bollocksed".
But despite admitting he was "bollocksed" before flying back to Heathrow yesterday, he said he had a more important appointment outside the school gates.
Armytage "could not walk for a day", Sherwood was "bollocksed", and Egerton confesses to "having to reverse up the stairs when I went to bed".