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bollocks to (someone or something)

rude slang I'm disgusted, fed up, or want nothing to do with someone or something; I'm too exasperated to care about or deal with someone or something. Primarily heard in UK. A: "The program flagged another 305 errors in the code." B: "Oh, bollocks to this. I'll deal with it on Monday—I'm going to the pub." Fred quit? Well, bollocks to him then! It's not like I'm going to miss him.
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bollocks up

rude slang To ruin or make a mess of something. "Bollocks" is a vulgar slang term for testicles. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bollocks" and "up." Primarily heard in UK. Boy, you really bollocksed up this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it. Take your time so you don't bollocks it up!
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drop a bollock

vulgar slang To mess something up; to make a particularly egregious error. Primarily heard in UK. That new intern is totally useless, he's always dropping a bollock on important projects. That player really dropped a bollock during the match yesterday.
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kick bollocks scramble

A wild, chaotic, or panicked situation, especially among or involving many people simultaneously. Primarily heard in UK. With funding from local councils spread so thin these days, it's always a kick bollocks scramble in December for charities to meet their yearly quota with donations. The whole pub descended into a kick bollocks scramble after one bloke threw a punch at another.
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the dog's bollocks

rude slang A person or thing that is excellent, exceptional, or the very best. Primarily heard in UK. I used to think this band was the dog's bollocks when I was a kid. They're pretty embarrassing to listen to as an adult, though. The game gives the player a lot of really satisfying and powerful moves, making you feel like the dog's bollocks as you play.
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the dog's bollocks

If someone or something is the dog's bollocks, they are extremely good. To a wide-eyed teenager, this band was the dog's bollocks. They had the loudest amps, the longest hair, the hardest rock and the baddest attitude.
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the dog's bollocks

the best person or thing of its kind. British vulgar slang
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the dog’s ˈbollocks

(British English, taboo, slang) used to say that something is excellent or very good: This song is the dog’s bollocks.
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The second charge related to August 6, 2016, when Mellor published a message via Twitter which read: "When you've had to read utter drivel posing as a 'book' to cross reference with the unused (two gun emoticons) I am not kidding either, self-serving bollocks".
"Even after nearly 40 years, the Sex Pistols power to provoke is undimmed, and we are still being asked to censor the word bollocks in our advertising.
However, reports that Ryder insisted that he does not need to make any statement as most of the 'allegations' against him are 'bollocks', although he thinks that no one really believes the things that are being said against him.
Second was The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths, followed by Oasis with Definitely Maybe and The Sex Pistols with Never Mind The Bollocks.
Bollocks. After an hour of skating back and forth to the parts store we were back on the road, but bent out of shape because, well, Connecticut sucks: hard to buy beer, freaks galore, and no skin mags for the road.
"Add to that, the unsociable hours [and] the company's bollocks propaganda ...
Suspended in the middle was a red-and-blue neon sign advertising the aspirant movement and a handbill for the Sex Pistols' 1977 album Never Mind the Bollocks. While Sinclair has used pop music in previous work as an index of identity formation, here the Pistols reference alerted us to the play within the work of a kind of bogus Situationism.
When I asked her about Chumbawamba's 1988 release "Never Mind the Ballots" (a pun on "Never Mind the Bollocks," by the Sex Pistols), she explained it was a response to the 1987 general election.
"I think that's bollocks. He's absolutely relevant now.
He called a high-ranking Buddhist monk 'chief', an elderly female cook 'baby' and a security guard 'grumpy bollocks'.
"It is always satisfying when you come up with a plan and it works straight away and Straussy won't mind me saying it was 100 per cent my idea to put him at second slip and bowl around the wicket - if he says otherwise, then that is bollocks," Swann said.
He would let you know when you had made a bollocks by saying nothing, but he would never jock you off.
It has been fantastic." The last of the Sell a Door productions will be their take on Newcastle writer Lee Hall's play Bollocks and will open for the last week of August.