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bollix up

rude slang To jumble up or ruin something. "Bollix" is an alternative spelling of "bollocks," a vulgar slang term for testicles. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bollix" and "up." Boy, you really bollixed up this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it. Take your time so you don't bollix it up!
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bollixed up

Bungled; messed up; mixed up. "Bollixed" is an alternative spelling of "bollocksed." Oh man, the printer really bollixed up this report. The pages are all out of order now, and I think a whole section is missing!
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bollix something up

Inf. to ruin something; to mess something up. Please don't bollix my stereo up. Who bollixed up the folded laundry?
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bollix up

To make a mess of something because of mistakes or poor judgment: I'm afraid you've bollixed up that job badly! Don't make me paint the chairs; I'll just bollix it up.
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