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bollix up

rude slang To jumble up or ruin something. "Bollix" is an alternative spelling of "bollocks," a vulgar slang term for testicles. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bollix" and "up." Boy, you really bollixed up this report—I'm not sure I can even fix it. Take your time so you don't bollix it up!
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bollixed up

Bungled; messed up; mixed up. "Bollixed" is an alternative spelling of "bollocksed." Oh man, the printer really bollixed up this report. The pages are all out of order now, and I think a whole section is missing!
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bollix something up

Inf. to ruin something; to mess something up. Please don't bollix my stereo up. Who bollixed up the folded laundry?
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bollix up

To make a mess of something because of mistakes or poor judgment: I'm afraid you've bollixed up that job badly! Don't make me paint the chairs; I'll just bollix it up.
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The outspoken X Factor star added: "If I was watching me on TV I would probably think, 'He's a little bollix. Who does he think he is?'."
Stated frankly, Trump bollixed the midterms with his overheated ranting, thus missing an opportunity to pry American politics out of its rut of partisanship.
And then some well-meaning ground-dweller tries to simplify the presentation and bollixes up the whole thing.
The rub concept is designed to have two defensive backs run routes in proximity to each other, often crisscrossing off the line, and hope the defensive backs covering them get bollixed up.
I would also carry a katana with its sheath stuck through a sash, if it didn't keep getting bollixed up with my cane and trippin' me.
I often don't have a game face and am still bollixed by the casual question from friends and strangers, "What's going on?" I don't know what's going on and am not sure when I will.
(28) Several overlapping strands of evidence explain the link between HIV infection and bollixed lipids.
Unfortunately, the executive compensation debate has become so thoroughly bollixed up with issues of class warfare and financial populism that rational arguments seem to fall on deaf ears." (80)
A sudden snowstorm bollixed up traffic, stopping Klum's car short of the train station as departure time neared.
Romney got bollixed up by dueling fears that the unkind arena would rage at him if he put up his guard and rage at him if he dropped it.
Here's where language has us bollixed up, to use the technical term.
An auditor who gets all bollixed following a simple procedure has just provided an "aha" moment by showing us that maybe we can write clearer procedures.
The badly bollixed launch of Obamacare health exchanges in 2013 involved scores of contractors and was overseen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal center with fewer than 5,000 employees.
Bluntly contradicting the Obama campaign theme that Romney is a heartless corporate raider, Clinton told CNN that the Republican's record at Bain was "sterling." Covering a humourous W at the unveiling of his portrait, the White House press actually seemed nostalgic for the president who bollixed up Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina and the economy - a sure sign that the Obama magic is flagging.