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bold-faced lie

A blatantly obvious and/or impudent untruth, one in which the liar does not attempt to disguise their mendacity. Sir, I have never done these things of which you accuse me; they are bold-faced lies, and nothing more.
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bold-faced liar

One who tells blatantly obvious and/or impudent untruths easily and with little or no attempt to disguise the lie. Everyone knows he is just a bold-faced liar. It's a wonder anyone believes a thing he says anymore.
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as bold as Beauchamp

Brave. The phrase might refer to the 1346 feat of Thomas Beauchamp, who defeated 100 Normans with very little military support. Wow, you really ran into a burning building and saved all those people? You're as bold as Beauchamp!
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fortune favors the bold

Courageous action is often rewarded. The phrase encourages people to do what scares them. A variation is "fortune favors the brave." I know you're nervous about asking for a raise, but keep in mind that fortune favors the bold—you'll never get anything if you don't ask for it. I decided to ask out the most popular girl in school because fortune favors the bold, right?
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as bold as brass

In a brash, arrogant, or pushy manner. Can you believe that new hire went to the boss, as bold as brass, and asked for time off on his first day? That girl walked up, as bold as brass, and pushed her way to the front of the line!
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be so bold as to

To do something that is (or could be seen as) surprising, daring, and perhaps inappropriate. Primarily heard in UK. That girl just got here but was so bold as to push her way to the front of the line! I can't be so bold as to ask my boss for a raise.
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big and bold

Visually striking. This phrase typically describes things, not people. I think more people will come into your store now that you have a big and bold marquee.
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be so bold as to do something

 and make so bold as to do something
to dare to do something. Would you care to dance, if I may make so bold as to ask? She was so bold to confront her rival.
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big and bold

large and capable of getting attention. (Usually refers to things, not people.) The big and bold lettering on the book's cover got lots of attention, but the price was too high. She wore a brightly colored dress. The pattern was big and bold and the skirt was very full.
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*bold as brass

very bold; bold to the point of rudeness. (*Also: as ~.) Lisa marched into the manager's office, bold as brass, and demanded her money back. The tiny kitten, as bold as brass, began eating the dog's food right under the dog's nose.
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Fortune favors the brave.

 and Fortune favors the bold.
Prov. You will have good luck if you carry out your plans boldly. (Used to encourage people to have the courage to carry out their plans.) Fortune favors the bold, Bob. Quit your day job and work on your novel full-time. Jill: Let's wait till next year before trying to start our own business. Jane: No. We'll do it this year. Fortune favors the brave.
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big and bold

Large and striking, as in His ties tended to be big and bold in color and pattern, or This big and bold design for a book jacket is sure to catch the casual browser's eye. This phrase, used mostly to describe things rather than persons, is a kind of visual analog of loud and clear.
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bold as brass

Shameless, audacious, impudent. For example, No one had invited her to the wedding, but she showed up at the church, bold as brass. This alliterative simile plays on brass meaning "shamelessness." [c. 1700]
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make bold

Also, make so bold as. Dare, presume, take the liberty of doing something, as in Let me make bold and ask you to back me as a member, or I will not make so bold as to criticize a respected scholar. This expression was frequently used by Shakespeare but is heard less often today. [Late 1500s]
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bold as brass

If someone does something bold as brass, they do it without being ashamed or embarrassed. Their leader, bold as brass, came improperly dressed, wearing a lounge suit while all the others were wearing black ties. Barry has come into the game bold as brass, brash and businesslike. Note: This expression may be based on an incident that occurred in Britain in 1770, when the newspaper the London Evening Post illegally published a report of Parliamentary proceedings. As a result, the printer was put in prison. The Lord Mayor, Brass Crosby, released him and was punished by being imprisoned himself. There were public protests and Crosby was soon released.
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mod. great; outstanding. Bold move, Charles. You outfoxed them.

make bold

To venture: I will not make so bold as to criticize such a scholar.
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KAE601) ROGER WARREN, CEO of BOLDER TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (BOLD), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.