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A piece of creative work, especially a book, created solely for quick financial gain by appealing to widespread, popular opinions and taste, as opposed to striving for any artistic integrity or merit. She's been able to crank out two to three potboilers a year, which has given her the financial freedom to pursue her true passion—sculpting. When I'm stretched out on the beach, the only thing I have the patience to read is a trashy potboiler that doesn't require any emotional investment on my part.

pot boiler

n. a book or other literary work of no value except for the money it earns. I can write one pot boiler every six months or so.
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Boiler water chemistry activities need regular monitoring, as this will ensure proper boiler functioning and extend the life of the boiler.
We like the fact that Miura's design makes it easier if you want to add another boiler in the future.
An integrated setback schedule allows the boiler system setpoint to be configured based on the boiler's current status (operational or standby), which allows the setpoint to be lowered during periods when steam load is reduced - such as evenings or weekends.
To qualify, homeowners need to have a working G-rated boiler which is the main boiler used to heat the home.
The SEDBUK rating, (Season Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK), is a Government backed scheme to help compare the energy performance of different boilers.
The boiler owners were told that if a building contained the boilers or if they were installed inside, they would not fall under board rules.
The decision about which type of boiler to choose must be based on actual boiler use and the water-temperature requirements needed to provide sufficient heat throughout the facility and its processes.
The second application under review by the Maine DEP seeks permission to use C&D material to fuel the biomass boiler.
KVAERNER POWER will deliver a large power boiler using circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology to a customer in the Southeastern part of the USA.
As a result, many agents do not understand the terms boiler and machinery insurance/equipment breakdown coverage.
MHI will supply the core components, starting in March 2005, while Harbin Boiler will manufacture the remaining equipment and assemble boilers for delivery to Huaneng Power International Inc.
Much of the press surrounding Boiler Room stresses the film's verisimilitude, its willingness to represent the sleazy details of, as a New York Times critic put it, "the hard-sell ethos of buying and selling, lying and cheating.
Most boiler rooms operate in six stages - solicitation, sales, verification, collection, shipping, and customer service.
Often times, facilities managers don't pay much attention to the boiler plants in their buildings.