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A piece of creative work, especially a book, created solely for quick financial gain by appealing to widespread, popular opinions and taste, as opposed to striving for any artistic integrity or merit. She's been able to crank out two to three potboilers a year, which has given her the financial freedom to pursue her true passion—sculpting. When I'm stretched out on the beach, the only thing I have the patience to read is a trashy potboiler that doesn't require any emotional investment on my part.
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pot boiler

n. a book or other literary work of no value except for the money it earns. I can write one pot boiler every six months or so.
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System Enable Control is an important consideration for both condensing and conventional boiler operation.
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While this may seem to be a basic maintenance requirement, boiler cleaning is often overlooked.
Spoetzl Brewer,/now utilizes two Miura ultra-low NOx modular on-demand steam boilers. "Craft brewers are getting more savvy about boilers," notes Jaime Jurado, director of brewing operations for The Gambrinus Co..
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ATHOL - A formal public hearing will not be held until June, but several residents weighed in last night on what they do not like about a draft of regulations for outdoor wood-burning boilers.
Earlier this year, North Carolina-based Viscotec Automotive installed six Miura LX Series boilers. According to Miura, the environmentally-friendly boilers produce 60% less nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions than conventional boilers.
Unlike other heating equipment, outdoor wood boilers have been virtually unregulated.
At the end of March 2005, for example, while some areas were in the final phase of assembly and commissioning, including the fiberline, recovery boiler, causticizing, drying machine and turbogenerator, others had already entered into operation, such as the water and effluent treatment plant, the woodyard, power boiler, and evaporation.
The changes would allow the company to burn construction and demolition debris for fuel using a new biomass boiler at its Old Town, Maine, paper mill, according to a report in the Bangor Daily News (Bangor, Maine).
Times have changed and industries have evolved throughout the 20th century so that boiler and machinery insurance covers far more than steam boilers.
Public Service of New Hampshire, the company that owns and operates Schiller, plans to modify the station by replacing one of its three fossil-fuel boilers with a high efficiency, wood-fired boiler.