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Stuffed chicken breasts are easily cooked in a boilable pouch or microwave, and hot filled tortillas can be cooked in the microwave and finished on the grill in less than five minutes.
It comes with an initial supply of 3-ply VacLoc[R] bags, which are microwavable, boilable, dishwasher-safe, re-usable and re-sealable.
Cooking in boilable bags might work well with this unit, but we haven't tried that.
These bags are also boilable, microwaveable, washable and re-usable.
Such a test will also enable the producer of laminated parts to certify with confidence that its products will demonstrate performance equal to Type 1 boilable bond requirements set forth in NWWDA IS 1.
If you could make a boilable, edible bag, you could replace the plastic with something that is part of the food-ultimately eliminating a source of package waste," says the company's packaging director, Brian Hopkins.
At home: Package dehydrated foods in separate boilable plastic bags.
It is microwaveable (field microwave ovens may soon be available in the military), as well as boilable.