boil away

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boil (something) away

To boil a liquid for so long that it evaporates. If you don't put the pasta in the pot soon, you will boil all of the water away.
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boil something away

1. Lit. to boil a liquid until it is gone altogether. She left the kettle on and boiled the water away. Boil away some of that water.
2. Lit. to remove a volatile chemical from a solution by boiling. Boil the alcohol away or the sauce will be ruined. You should boil away some of the liquid.
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Remember that liquids don't boil away in the slow cooker, so you'll end up with much more than in conventional cooking - and more than you even probably expect.
To make syrup, the sap is heated in big open pans so that most of the water will boil away.
As long as you don't let the water boil away there is no fire hazard.
Until she gets cooking on the one dish in which everyone's interested, her image is just going to boil away to nothing on the front burner, perhaps causing irreparable harm to her company.
These are [unfamiliar] contaminants that people can't just boil away.
But if you just want a skin lotion or a gentle soap, boil away.
Stir over high heat until boiling, then stir often until Thai sauce is reduced to about 1 1/4 cups (if you boil away, too much, just add water).
He looks ahead to near-term warming triggered by greenhouse gases and to the desertification of the planet billions of years in the future as the sun brightens and oceans boil away.
He went on the say the sauce cooks down for about five hours to concentrate the tomato flavors and boil away the excess water.
The conventional explanation for the deficit argues that in the inner region of the dust disc where Earth formed, temperatures soared above 1800 kelvin, enough for carbon to boil away.
If it's the latter, this could bubble and boil away like a giant cauldron.
What elements boil away under the traditional patrimonial system?
The sun's expansion will also boil away the oceans and the make water vapour escape into space.
To concentrate the sap's flavor and sweetness, producers must boil away most of the water.
I use just a little water, which will boil away while the asparagus is cooking and leave us with it in a nice butter glaze which is carrying the flavour of the asparagus.