boil away

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boil (something) away

To boil a liquid for so long that it evaporates. If you don't put the pasta in the pot soon, you will boil all of the water away.
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boil something away

1. Lit. to boil a liquid until it is gone altogether. She left the kettle on and boiled the water away. Boil away some of that water.
2. Lit. to remove a volatile chemical from a solution by boiling. Boil the alcohol away or the sauce will be ruined. You should boil away some of the liquid.
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In other words, the amount of energy required from a star to thaw an icy planet is so large that it will either lead to water vapor accumulating at heights in the atmosphere from where it can be easily lost to outer space, or it will create so much heat that the liquid water will all simply boil away.
The water protects his hands as it takes a few seconds to boil away keeping his skin cooler.
Add the vinegar and boil away completely, stirring all the time.
When it is hot, I just want to avoid people and boil away in my misery.
If the sun evolves like its newly discovered relative, dubbed CoRoT Sol 1 -- the farthest of the so-called solar twins in the Milky Way galaxy -- all the water on Earth will boil away, they said.
Moons that orbit their planet too closely will undergo strong tidal heating and thus a catastrophic runaway greenhouse effect that would boil away surface water and leave them forever uninhabitable.
Arid salt flats in South America's Atacama Desert epitomize how Earth's surface may look once the sun expands and the planet's oceans boil away billions of years from now.
Within a day or two, the pool's water could completely boil away.
Despite the immense heat, it will take around a trillion years for the planet to boil away, he said.
If however, you feel used, the injustice can boil away.
It seems to me that the water would boil away in short order.
Even so, the Sun will have already grown enough to boil away Earth's oceans and fry all life.
Put vinegar, bay leaf and peppercorns in pan and boil away or reduce until you are left with about 1tbsp of liquid, strain and allow to cool slightly.
Some premium waters spend cons deep in the earth, collecting in huge granite caverns where they boil away for thousands of years--picking up some minerals and dropping others--until eventually, they rise to the surface, usually forming natural springs.
Remember that liquids don't boil away in the slow cooker, so you'll end up with much more than in conventional cooking - and more than you even probably expect.