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bog down

To slow down or burden someone or something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy ground that it is difficult to walk through.) Don't bog down your brother with more suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! We were hoping to open the restaurant by the holidays, but we've gotten bogged down with regulations and permits.
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bog in

1. To eat or commence eating heartily and vigorously; to tuck into one's food. Primarily heard in Australia. I'm happy so many people could be here for this meal. Now, bog in, everyone! After five hours of working in the sun, we all bogged into our meal in silence.
2. To do or undertake something quickly or enthusiastically. Primarily heard in Australia. If we all bog in, we'll have this shed built in no time.
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bog off

Get out of here; go away; get lost. Primarily heard in UK. Listen, I don't want to buy any, so why don't you just bog off and leave me alone!
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bog standard

slang Conventional. Primarily heard in UK. I just need a bog standard phone—nothing fancy.
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bogged down

Burdened or impeded by something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy land that it is difficult to walk through.) Try not to get bogged down in the details of this project—we're looking for speed more than accuracy.
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bog down

to become encumbered and slow. (As if one were walking through a bog and getting stuck in the mud. Often preceded by a form of get.) The process bogged down and almost stopped. The truck got bogged down in the mud soon after it started.
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*bogged down

stuck; prevented from making progress. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) The students became bogged down with the algebra problems. The Smiths really got bogged down in decorating their house.
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bog down

Become stuck, be unable to progress, as in Their research bogged down because they lacked the laboratory expertise. This expression transfers sinking into the mud of a swamp to being hampered or halted. [First half of 1900s]
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bog ˈstandard

(British English, informal) ordinary; with no special features: All you need is a bog standard machine — nothing fancy.
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Admiring the Boggy Creek Gang Camp in Florida that they had visited, the Petty's also wanted their camp to be part of the Hole in the Wall Association that was started by actor Paul Newman.
The court, however, looked to California law (in conjunction with its interpretation of the Boggy Slough West, LLC's agreement provision) and concluded that, although a 51% member may be able to force "dissolution" of the entity, he or she could not necessarily force "liquidation." In other words, the owner of 76.6% of the LLC would have no assurance that the underlying assets would be sold and, thus, a dissolution would merely result in owning a 76.6% undivided interest in the 477-acre winery.
Boggy Plain is an important freshwater wetland that serves as habitat for species including the magpie goose (historically, up to 85% of the total Northern Territory's magpie geese have gathered there to feed at times) and the long-necked turtle.
Based on the accomplished Panda 4x4, the all-new Panda Cross offers even more entertainment, attitude and capability, as was proven at a deep, boggy quarry.
The panicky passengers hid inside the berths or slept in the train boggy to escape being hit by bullets flying thick and fast.
CONNAHS QUAY NOMADS secured their place in the top six with an action-packed 6-3 win over 10-man Bala Town on a boggy pitch at Maes Tegid.
This year, in addition to benefiting the Hero program, Kids Wish Network has chosen both the Austin Hatcher Foundation and Camp Boggy Creek to benefit with a grant from the proceeds of this nationwide drawing.
If kept in the right conditions - moist or boggy - they are easy to grow and don't need support.
In Langley Vale there was Jack Sirett, the great jump jockey George Duller, who rented half his yard to Boggy Whelan, and Alec Taylor.
In their natural habitat, they grow in saturated, boggy soil and this is replicated commercially.
RAWALPINDI, September 13, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Major Ayub has been arrested in boggy theft scandal and investigation have been started against him.
RAWALPINDI, September 13, 2011 (Frontier Star): Major Ayub has been arrested in boggy theft scandal and investigation have been started against him.
FC Wales has improved access to the holy well near Pontrhydfendigaid by waymarking a circular walk and stoning a boggy section.
``By far the most challenging part of the climb up Ben Stack is that formed by the first, flat few hundred metres between the A838 and the point at which you start to ascendThis looks pathless in ascent, and is exceptionally wet and boggy.