bogged down

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bog down

To slow down or burden someone or something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy ground that it is difficult to walk through.) Don't bog down your brother with more suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! We were hoping to open the restaurant by the holidays, but we've gotten bogged down with regulations and permits.
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bogged down

Burdened or impeded by something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy land that it is difficult to walk through.) Try not to get bogged down in the details of this project—we're looking for speed more than accuracy.
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*bogged down

stuck; prevented from making progress. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) The students became bogged down with the algebra problems. The Smiths really got bogged down in decorating their house.
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It is here, walking across the sand dunes on the beach, that a woman named Tonya got bogged down.
The Government needs to find a way to stop our hard-pressed police from being bogged down by red tape so they can do their job properly.
Shadow health minister Jonathan Morgan said: "This is just yet another example of how the Welsh NHS is bogged down with pen-pushers.
"The trouble is that they currently spend some half of their time bogged down with unnecessary administrative work or having to cope with needless interruptions and broken appointments.
Up to six youths were seen running from the vehicle, which got bogged down at 7.30pm on Sunday.
We've seen it time and again: one chamber in Congress passes a bill with overwhelming support, yet it gets bogged down on the other side of Capitol Hill.
Indeed some who came after him (eg, Rudolph II [1575-1612]) were even more bogged down in such arcane matters.
Most public schools were bogged down in mud and wreckage that was as much political as physical.
But with the country bogged down in Iraq, unable to achieve victory there, even our military seems not so mighty anymore.
OTA prefers not to get bogged down in fresh-versus-frozen arguments.
Today our nation finds itself bogged down in another Iraq war.
The third was made in 1998 as an attempt to revisit the Los Angeles punk scene, but it wound up tired and bogged down by the relentless following around of gutter punks that made up the last half of the film ...
The discussion of his journey toward hip-hop flame and wealth gets bogged down in explaining the much-publicized tiff he had with rapper Ja Rule and his view that everyone, from the media to the police, has a misguided view of 50.
Peaceniks claimed that there were too few troops to pitch in because American soldiers are bogged down in the Iraqi quagmire.
Progress has bogged down recently over technical issues in agriculture and the lack of offers in the services negotiations.