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bog in

1. To eat or commence eating heartily and vigorously; to tuck into one's food. Primarily heard in Australia. I'm happy so many people could be here for this meal. Now, bog in, everyone! After five hours of working in the sun, we all bogged into our meal in silence.
2. To do or undertake something quickly or enthusiastically. Primarily heard in Australia. If we all bog in, we'll have this shed built in no time.
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bog off

Get out of here; go away; get lost. Primarily heard in UK. Listen, I don't want to buy any, so why don't you just bog off and leave me alone!
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bog down

To slow down or burden someone or something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy ground that it is difficult to walk through.) Don't bog down your brother with more suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! We were hoping to open the restaurant by the holidays, but we've gotten bogged down with regulations and permits.
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bog standard

slang Conventional. Primarily heard in UK. I just need a bog standard phone—nothing fancy.
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bogged down

Burdened or impeded by something. (A bog is an area of wet, muddy land that it is difficult to walk through.) Try not to get bogged down in the details of this project—we're looking for speed more than accuracy.
See also: bog, down

bog down

to become encumbered and slow. (As if one were walking through a bog and getting stuck in the mud. Often preceded by a form of get.) The process bogged down and almost stopped. The truck got bogged down in the mud soon after it started.
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*bogged down

stuck; prevented from making progress. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) The students became bogged down with the algebra problems. The Smiths really got bogged down in decorating their house.
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bog down

Become stuck, be unable to progress, as in Their research bogged down because they lacked the laboratory expertise. This expression transfers sinking into the mud of a swamp to being hampered or halted. [First half of 1900s]
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bog ˈstandard

(British English, informal) ordinary; with no special features: All you need is a bog standard machine — nothing fancy.
See also: bog, standard
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Medical directors, hospital director, director finance and nursing appointed under the new law, look towards the BoGs for important decisions.
Since the bog exhibit was first launched, there has always been a real cranberry grower staffing it.
Located north of Tregaron and formed more than five thousand years ago, the bogs were damaged by locals historically harvesting them for peat for heating purposes.
But it's the working together, the camaraderie and the craic of a day spent working in the bog that makes it an occasion to remember.
Before examining aspects of the Bog Gothic, however, it is important to first position my argument within relevant EcoGothic criticism.
Yesterday in Llanwrtyd Wells was all about the mountain bike bog snorkelling and the triathlon.
Tamarack (and associated bog communities) has since disappeared from most of these sites.
The goal is to achieve the greatest wetland functions and values, along with optimum bog turtle habitat, on every acre enrolled in the program.
Besides not growing in bogs, body-eating bacteria and fungi don't grow in places that are very cold or very hot and dry.
Buckstones, on Marsden Moor, is home to a number of peat bogs which support some of the country's rarest wildlife.
The pair face two rivals in the Grade 3 Naas Directors Plate Novice Chase, and while Bog Warrior beat Flemenstar by seven and a half lengths when they raced for the first time over fences at Navan in November, subsequent events have led to senior Irish handicapper Noel O'Brien rating Flemenstar 157, 4lb above his main rival in today's 2m4f event.
They were felled two years ago as part of the first phase of the restoration of the land back to peat bog.
The outdoor classroom is part of a larger regeneration project at Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood, which will see access improved, the old woodland preserved and attempt to reintroduce the Royal Fern, lost from the bog in the 1980s.
St Modwen has donated the cash to the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country's Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood regeneration project to fund an outdoor classroom and performance area on the site that was once the world-famous author's stomping ground.
It was a misty, drizzly June morning when I found this great gray owl hunting the edges of a black spruce bog in northern Minnesota's Sax-Zim Bog His focus on securing prey was so intense Chat he rarely even glanced at me.