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He told the BBC: "They would be a body blow for the British economy.
The RSPCA's Dr Rob Atkinson said: "This is a body blow for animal welfare in this country.
Gerry Doherty, leader of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, said: "This is a real body blow for staff and the London travelling public.
The Medicare Rights Center called the approximately 17% premium hike a "body blow to millions of older Americans living on fixed incomes."
The US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld visits Baghdad to lift the morale of US forces in Iraq while admitting the recent Abu Ghraib prison scandal had been a "body blow".
Why is it that contrary to the best economic theory, despite a stock market collapse that wiped out values the equivalent of 90 percent of GDP, despite growing current account and budget deficits, despite the massive body blow of September 11, despite a momentary decline of its exchange rate, despite (an admittedly mild) recession, and despite two major wars, the U.S.
"[Mohammad's] arrest will hit [AL] Qaeda like a body blow and send shock waves throughout the organization," one U.S.
-- hated him for obvious reasons: He had smashed their terrorist comrades and dealt a severe body blow to the whole hemispheric revolutionary movement.
The body blow to human rights dealt by this draft bill is not in the least eased by the assertion that none of the embryos or chimeras would be brought to term, but would be killed after 14 days of existence.
Cablevision, Argentina's largest multisystem operator with more than 2 million subscribers, dealt a body blow to Fox Sports by dumping the channel Jan.
For a country that has been exporting coffee since 1835 and claims to produce the finest-quality beans of any major producer, such a state of affairs is a body blow. "It affects our pride to say that we are going to bring in bad coffee for us to drink," Medina complains.
For Lorien to embrace SAP would be a body blow for Baan Company NV, which two weeks ago forecast 1998 losses of $250m, more than twice the expected amount.
It was a body blow to Northern Ireland counterpart Michael O'Neill who held talks with Dunne as he is eligible through the grandparent rule.
Mr Alexander said:"These figures are another body blow to Alex Salmond's credibility on the economy and public services.
LEEDS Rhinos' hopes of reaching a second successive Grand Final have been dealt a body blow with the loss of record-breaker Danny McGuire through suspension.