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ride bodkin

travel squeezed between two other people. dated
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odd's bodkins

An archaic interjection meaning “God's body.” In an era where people respected the Ten Commandments a lot more than we do today, the injuncTion against taking the name of the Lord in vain led to a variety of euphemisms. One involved using the word “bodkins,” the tools that shoemakers and other leatherworkers use to pierce holes, for “body.” The most convincing explanation is that “bodkins” sounds a lot like “body,” but there's no explanation for the plural. Therefore, when a cobbler hit his thumb while resoling a shoe, he was likely to wince and exclaim, “Odd's bodkins,” if not something worse. Henry Fielding was the first author to use the phrase in close to its present form in his Don Quixote in England: “Odsbodlikins . . . you have a strange sort of a taste.” Similar oaths that avoided naming the diety used “'s” as an abbreviation of “God's,” such as “s'wounds,” “s'blood,” and “s'truth.” However, it's unlikely that Ira Gershwin had that in mind when he wrote the lyrics to “S'Wonderful.”
See also: bodkin
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Bodkin, "The addition of Joseph to the Board of Directors brings direct experience with business cultures and market trends that determine success in Asia.
Legend has it that the silver bodkin used to this day to "prick" the names of the sheriffs on the list was originally used by Queen Elizabeth I, who was embroidering when she was asked to mark the names on the list.
Although acquitted, Bodkin Adams was struck off by the General Medical Council and soon lost the Rolls-Royce.
The knowledge that Frances Bodkin has documented is not yet online.
From the first, Private Bodkin and Corporal Johnson failed to see eye to eye.
John is survived by his two daughters, Andrea Bodkin and Jennifer Carter, her husband Andrew Carter and his grand daughter Natalie Grace Carter as well as an adopted son Stuart Bodkin.
Bodkin, director of clinical psychopharmacology research at McLean Hospital, Belmont, Mass.
Bodkin, director of the clinical psychopharmacology research program at McLean Hospital, Belmont, Mass.
Mark Bodkin has been appointed worldwide property underwriter, Aspen Insurance U.
4% growth rate, said Chief Statistician Teresina Bodkin, reports CANA (February 18, 2001):
For an idea about archetypal criticism, consult: Maud Bodkin, Archetypal Patterns in Poetry: Psychological Studies of Imagination (London: Oxford University Press, 1963).
U2's Pals toast day beautiful by Henry Bodkin Friday show - kept things casual for the bash after Friday's performance.
Tom Bodkin, director of Secret Compass, said, "In remote regions like the Gulf of Ob, the Nenets have to fight for survival and to retain their traditional livelihoods.
Bodkin (fully metallic) Fevicol (SH) 1 kg units Binding Paste (Mixed with Copper Sulphate) (Packed in Rat
The idea began with Christopher Bodkin, who works full time as a data entry coordinator for the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, a national campaign involving a coalition of major health care systems and hospitals, including UMass Memorial.