bode ill for (someone or something)

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bode ill for (someone or something)

To seem indicative of a negative outcome. Rainy weather bodes ill for our flight leaving on time. Being late to a job interview bodes ill for you getting hired.
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bode somehow for someone or something

to foretell or portend fortune or misfortune for someone or something. (Typically with ill or well.) Things do not bode well for the stock market. Things do not bode well for your future at this job.
See also: bode, somehow

bode ˈwell/ˈill (for somebody/something)

(formal) be a good/bad sign for somebody/something: These figures do not bode well for the company’s future.
See also: bode, ill, well
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This cloak-and-dagger policy bodes ill for British workers' rights, food safety standards, environmental protection, fracking and other big business activities, and the critical issue of NHS privatisation.
But seriously, the hostility engendered by May's attitude and autocratic manner bodes ill for a good deal.
Admittedly, US President Trump could not push through his healthcare reform as planned, which bodes ill for his far-reaching tax-cut plans.
This new militaristic policy of the US is part of its global expansionist doctrine and bodes ill for peace and security.
The harassment of the political opposition bodes ill for our electoral process and our democracy We condemn these acts of harassment against UNA.
I may not be the force's best friend, but even I can see that this crazy policy bodes ill for our safety.
Excelerate's move bodes ill for thirteen other US LNG projects, which have also not signed up enough international buyers, to reach a final investment decision (FID).
Anastasiades faces strong criticism from some party leaders who say the document bodes ill for a fair settlement.
According to News24, the news bodes ill for rivals like BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, and Microsoft, which is pushing its Windows Phone system.
The decline adds to the recent flow of disappointing numbers for the UK economy at the start of the fourth quarter and bodes ill for GDP after a rise of 1% in the autumn ended the longest double-dip recession since the 1950s.
The decline bodes ill for GDP after a rise of 1% in the autumn ended the longest double-dip recession since the 1950s.
It bodes ill for the priority afforded to the fight against crime.
This bodes ill for the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ), since Bulgarian Minister of Finance Simeon Djankov has recently been highly ambivalent to subsidizing the company.
Demise of EADS-BAE merger bodes ill for future deals.
And if it's causing trouble now, it bodes ill for the future.