bode well for (someone or something)

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bode well for (someone or something)

To seem indicative of a favorable outcome. This phrase is often used in the negative to suggest the opposite. Sunny weather bodes well for our flight leaving on time. Being late to a job interview does not bode well for you getting hired.
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bode somehow for someone or something

to foretell or portend fortune or misfortune for someone or something. (Typically with ill or well.) Things do not bode well for the stock market. Things do not bode well for your future at this job.
See also: bode, somehow

bode ˈwell/ˈill (for somebody/something)

(formal) be a good/bad sign for somebody/something: These figures do not bode well for the company’s future.
See also: bode, ill, well
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High productivity in Alfaro's wells in the Eagle Ford bode well for this oil and gas entrepreneur.
These supply-and-demand factors bode well for the office-building landlord.
Long-lasting, tangible projects and the presence of these Americans can only bode well for future military, political and economic relations with these countries.
Direct-response writers' expansion onto the Internet is a natural move, plays to their competitive strengths and does not bode well for higher-cost agency-based insurers.
The growing mid-story may be a boon to quail and turkeys, but it doesn't bode well for the red-cockaded woodpecker.