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'Ang dami kasing bobo sa Senado eh, dapat palitan na 'yan.
Larry Gadon chants "Bobo" during his filing of certificate of candidacy (COC) at Comelec Office on Friday.
| Bobo meets Thomas Roberts at Bodawen Nursing Home, Porthmadog
Adams' brother, ( Zach Adams,  too was convicted of kidnapping, raping, and murdering Bobo and was sentenced to life in prison.
After hearing a story on National Public Radio about kids being chastised for having to accept the free lunch at school, which was different from paid lunches, Bobo knew where the proceeds would go.
For a start, Bobo said, Homewood failed to show that Grove Acres is "a lawful pre-existing use."
As soon as Flynn sees Bobo his face lights up and the video shows him racing towards his toy.
Flynn Prout with Bobo the Giraffe and, inset, <Bsleeping soundly after being reuinted with his toy
Bobo steps in for Jim McElwain, who led the Rams to their fourth 10-win regular season before leaving for Florida.
Bobo and Klara stand up to snippy girls who seem to be all bubble gum and self-absorption.
After traveling nationally and internationally for the past few years, Bobo recently returned to Santa Cruz for an extended stay.
Emrn Hashmi is cast as Bobo the magician, whose life seems to be falling apart.
It is with profound sadness that The Law Firm of Bobo, Ciotoli, Bocchino, White, Buigas & Russell, P.A.
"From the wilds of Africa, I present to you: Bobo, the traveling gorilla!"
Walleon Bobo, who is black, was a member of the Army Reserve, for which he took time off from his job as a feeder supervisor at UPS to attend yearly training.