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"He wanted a little quiet and some fishing, I think," said Bobby. "My aunt, but he's a filthy sort of animal!
When the spring died, Bobby joined in the general scramble for Hill leave, and to his surprise and delight secured three months.
So Bobby departed joyously to Simla Pahar with a tin box of gorgeous raiment.
Oh, ri - - ipping!" said Bobby Wick, and ordered new white cord breeches on the strength of it.
"We're in a bad way," wrote Revere to Bobby at the end of two months.
It was not the Colonel that brought Bobby out of Simla, but a much more to be respected Commandant.
Bobby received his orders on returning from a dance at Viceregal Lodge, where he had but only the Haverley girl knows what Bobby had said or how many waltzes he had claimed for the next ball.
On the Umballa platform waited a detachment of officers discussing the latest news from the stricken cantonment, and it was here that Bobby learned the real condition of the Tail Twisters.
"But they were as fit as be-damned when I left them!" said Bobby.
Bobby pressed his forehead against the rain-splashed window-pane as the train lumbered across the sodden Doab, and prayed for the health of the Tyneside Tail Twisters.
Bobby fought his way through the rain to the Tail Twisters' temporary mess, and Revere could have fallen on the boy's neck for the joy of seeing that ugly, wholesome phiz once more.
Oh, it's good to have you back, Bobby! Porkiss is a - never mind."
"You're worth half a dozen of us, Bobby," said Revere in a moment of enthusiasm.
Bobby made no answer, but had Revere looked into the breast-pocket of his coat he might have seen there a sheaf of badly-written letters which perhaps accounted for the power that possessed the boy.
0., who learned from the regimental chaplain that Bobby was considerably more in request in the hospital tents than the Reverend John Emery.