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* Introduction to Boating -- Types of power boats; sailboats; outboards; paddle boats; houseboats; different uses of boats; various power boating engines; jet drives; family boating basics.
In fact, boaters average only bout 110 hours of boating in a whole year.
"In New Brighton and Hoylake, the boating lakes often have young children around them."
A sign has gone up at New Brighton model boating lake stating that live steam engines are no longer permitted on Wirral''s boating lakes.
The expense of a boating accident, theft, or wreck can extend well beyond the value of the boat.
Richard Rice, administrator for the state Department of Boating and Recreation, says the problem has been getting the state to prioritize funding.
US demand for recreational boating products--including boats and separately sold propulsion systems and accessories--is projected to grow 4.8 percent annually through 2009 to $16.7 billion.
Two excellent how-to boating books are recommended picks for boat owners seeking practical references.
Wooden runabouts, utilities, cruisers--even steam-powered launches--are becoming major attractions for boating enthusiasts.
Revenues to the town from the marina were more than $109 million in the 2002 boating season.
To educate boaters and the general public about keeping marine environments clean and safe, the Harwich Port, Massachusetts-based American Boating Association has developed a Clean Boating and Environmental Stewardship page as part of its American Boating Online website.
Environmental Protection Agency pose a threat to their business--and may also make boating a more hazardous pastime.
The week of May 19-25 has been designated as National Safe Boating Week.
For more information, contact the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (800-336-2628) for skills and safety courses on boating. Also ask for a free Boater's Source Directory.