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(as) crazy as a peach-orchard boar

Insane or eccentric. Often used jocularly. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a peach-orchard boar!
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(as) useless as tits on a boar hog

vulgar slang Ineffectual; pointless. Hey, thanks for the broken wrench—it's as useless as tits on a boar hog.
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(as) worthless as tits on a boar (hog)

vulgar slang Utterly ineffectual, worthless, or unnecessary. Hey, thanks for the broken wrench—it's as worthless as tits on a boar hog. I know next to nothing about computers, so I'd be worthless as tits on a boar trying to figure out what's wrong with your laptop.
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crazy as a betsy bug

Insane. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a betsy bug!
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tits on a boar hog

vulgar slang A phrase used to emphasize that something is unnecessary or unhelpful. Hey, thanks for the broken wrench—it's about as useful as tits on a boar hog. Her advice is always useless as tits on a boar hog—don't pay her any attention.
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*crazy as a betsy bug

 and *crazy as a peach-orchard boar; *crazy as a loon
Rur. acting as if insane. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: Susan says she's really the Queen of England. Bill: She's crazy as a betsy bug. Jill: David's a little eccentric, isn't he? Jane: Crazy as a loon, I'd say. What's wrong with Jim? He's acting as crazy as a peach-orchard boar.
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SAEPF management approved the hunting limits on wild animals on the territory of Kyrgyzstan in 2019: 700 - capricorns, 120 -roe deers and 60 - wild boars.
'My whole field of potato and maize has been decimated by wild boar inflicting sever financial loss on me and my family,' narrates Safdar Zaman, a dweller of Kalabagh area in Nathiagali.
There have also been injuries: A 70-year-old man was hospitalised last week after he threw a stone at a wild boar and the animal retaliated by biting him.
Lokur has asked Centre, Tamil Nadu government, its Chief Wildlife Warden and other forest officials to respond on a plea filed by an advocate Anupam Tripathi alleging culling of wildlife boars by neglecting guidelines issued by the state government.
As the wild boar occasionally peals the acorns while consuming them (Elston & Hewitt 2010), we focused in our analysis to see the fragmentation and proportion of the acorns in stomachs.
According to the Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Headquarters, Friday, it received the largest number of reports on boars during the two fall months from 2011 to 2017.
The pound 50 fee per boar goes to the compensation fund for farmers whose land gets trampled, he adds, so scrapping it would not help.
In general, free ranging wild boars are found in and around human habitat and are commonly encountered in wild forest areas.
The wild boar population in this forest is [approximately equal to] 1,200, and habituation to humans has become common (2).
'Alhamdulillah, the wild boar trespass incident turned out to hold many blessings, the mosque collection increased,' Hussin was quoted saying.
At 15 yards my arrow hit the big boar solid, penetrating to the fletching, and the entire herd scattered like a busted covey of quail.
While no case has yet been detected in Germany's wild boar population, the spread of the disease in eastern Europe is causing immense concern in Germany, whose pork industry has seen huge growth in exports to countries including China.
A viral video showing a gigantic boar standing on its hind legs, scrambling a garbage bin for something to eat sparked concerns as the incident took place near a Hong Kong school.
A HUGE wild boar has bitten off the tip of a man's finger as he walked his dog in woodland.