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at first blush

Upon first seeing or considering something. At first blush, I thought the house was great, but the inspector's list of problems changed my opinion. The contract did seem favorable at first blush, but it eventually cost me a lot of money.
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at first glance

Upon first seeing or considering something. At first glance, I thought the house was great, but the inspector's list of problems changed my opinion. The contract did seem favorable at first glance, but I can see now that it would not have been beneficial.
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blush with (an emotion)

To have a red face while feeling a particular emotion. I blushed with embarrassment when the teacher caught me not paying attention in class and yelled at me.
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language that would make a sailor blush

Very profane language. (An allusion to the rough language presumed to be used by military personnel.) My grandmother was the sweetest lady you'd ever meet, but boy howdy could she use language that'd make a sailor blush!
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put to the blush

To be made to blush, usually from shame or embarrassment. I had to leave the dinner party after being put to the blush by my own mother, who decided that my shortcomings were an appropriate topic of conversation.
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save (one's) blushes

To prevent someone from feeling embarrassed or awkward. Due to your family's great service to the crown, we will save your blushes and not create a public scandal around this debacle. I tried saving her blushes when she asked me to prom by saying I had no intention of going with anyone.
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spare (someone's) blushes

To keep from making someone feel embarrassed or awkward. However, due to your family's great service to the crown, we will spare your blushes and not create a public scandal around this debacle. I tried sparing her blushes when she asked me to prom by saying I had no intention of going with anyone.
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the blush is off the rose

Something, someone, or some situation is no longer as exciting, novel, or interesting as it first was, likened to a rose whose color is no longer vibrant or in the most appealing condition. Everyone had very high hopes for the newly elected senator, but she accomplished little in her first term, and I'm afraid the blush is off the rose at this point. After four years, it just feels like the blush is off the rose in this relationship.
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at first glance

 and at first blush
when first examined; at an early stage. At first glance, the problem appeared quite simple. Later we learned just how complex it really was. He appeared quite healthy at first glance. At first blush, she appeared to be quite old.
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blush with something

[for someone's cheeks] to redden from a particular emotion or reaction. She blushed with shame. You could see that Lily was blushing with anger, even though she tried to conceal it.
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at first blush

Also, at first glance or sight . When first seen. For example, At first blush we thought it was an elegant restaurant, but it soon became obvious that it was hardly the place for a special dinner , or At first glance the contract looked just fine. All three phrases date from the 1300s. The noun blush is used with the obsolete meaning "glimpse" or "momentary view" and in this idiom has nothing to do with showing embarrassment. Also see love at first sight.
See also: blush, first

spare someone's blushes


save someone's blushes

COMMON If someone spares your blushes or saves your blushes, they do something that stops you from being in an embarrassing situation. Williams spared Tottenham's blushes last night, scoring a superb goal against Enfield.
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at first glance

COMMON You say at first glance when you are describing your first opinion of someone or something, especially when this opinion is wrong or incomplete. At first glance, the room looked tidy and ordered. He had a round face that, at first glance, made him look boyish, though closer inspection revealed a man in early middle age. Compare with at first sight.
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spare (or save) someone's blushes

refrain from causing someone embarrassment.
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save/spare somebody’s ˈblushes

(informal) not do something which will make somebody feel embarrassed: Don’t tell everybody about his excellent exam results. Spare his blushes.
A blush is the red colour that spreads over your face when you are embarrassed or ashamed.
See also: blush, save, spare

at first glance

On initial consideration: At first glance the plan seemed unworkable.
See also: first, glance

first blush, at

Without prior knowledge; at first glance. The earliest use of this expression dates from the sixteenth century, when blush meant not a reddening of the cheeks with embarrassment but “glimpse.” Thus, “Able at the first blushe to discearne truth from falsehood,” wrote Philip Stubbes (The Anatomie of Abuses, 2:7) in 1583.
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