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Written by a ten year old girl, "The Kingdom of the Lizards" begins with a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed girl named Clara who loved nature and read stories out of books to her friends the lizards under her favorite oak tree.
Born in 1996, the blue-eyed girl was from Male which is the capital of Maldives.
Love you, Leighenna, Carlin and Josie XX X ADAMSON LEE Happy Father's Day daddy and my bestest friend Love always Carlin XXX ADAMSON LEE Happy Father's day daddy, love your blue-eyed girl, Princess Josie XX X ADAMSON MICHAEL Happy Father's Day Dad Thanks for everything.
His search was prompted by the case of Maria, a young blonde-haired blue-eyed girl aged 4 who was taken from a gypsy family last week.
Sasha Ruseva spotted the blond, blue-eyed girl on television after she was removed from a Roma camp in Greece last week, allegedly telling her neighbors she was the "fool" who had given the girl up, her grandmother Zineb Kasimova told NBC News in an earlier interview.
Pavee Point fears there is hysteria after the case of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl named Maria was found with a Roma family in Greece and accused gardai and health chiefs of racial profiling.
A BLONDE, blue-eyed girl will be reunited with her Roma parents after DNA tests in Ireland proved she is their daughter.
The discovery by Greek police of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl living on a gypsy camp has given hope to families in the US and UK who have been robbed of their children.
htm) found the blonde, blue-eyed girl named only as Maria.
The snow child disappears the next day but an unexpected visitor arrives at their doorstep - a little blonde, blue-eyed girl of unearthly beauty who calls herself Faina.
that they were going to stand and start yelling and spitting," the pale, blue-eyed girl said softly in an interview with The Associated Press Monday.
You wonder if Ekta Kapoor is proud of her blue-eyed girl and Prachi shoots back saying, "I hope she is
The blue-eyed girl is nine months old today, and celebrated by having her picture taken.
When she returns home from preschool, the blond, blue-eyed girl settles at the large kitchen island for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before rifling through her storage spaces.