blue-eyed boy

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blue-eyed boy

An often derogatory term used to describe a man who is respected and treated especially well by an authority figure. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. It was no surprise that Frankie got the promotion. Everyone knows he's the boss's blue eyed boy.
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your blue-eyed boy

mainly BRITISH or

your fair-haired boy

Someone's blue-eyed boy or fair-haired boy is a man that they like very much and give special treatment to. He'd lost interest in Willy by that time — I was the blue-eyed boy. For ten years you've been everybody's blue-eyed boy. You're one of the best-known magistrates in the country. Okay, okay. I won't do anything to hurt your fair-haired boy. And business is business. We'll work together as we always have. Note: You usually use these expressions to show that you think the person is wrong to treat the man so favourably.
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a blue-eyed boy

the favourite of someone in authority.
The significance of blue eyes may be their association with the innocence and charm of a very young child. The term is first recorded in a novel by P. G. Wodehouse in 1924 .
1998 Spectator Of the three, the arrest of Osborne, one of the blue-eyed boys of British racing, was the most striking.
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your, somebody’s, etc. ˌblue-eyed ˈboy

(informal, usually disapproving) the favourite, especially of a person in authority; a person that somebody thinks is perfect: Bob is certain to be promoted: he’s the manager’s blue-eyed boy.
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Blue-Eyed Boy is a fascinating look at how a tragedy that would make most men crumble instead drove the author to survive, and on many levels, succeed.
London, Sept 30 ( ANI ): Prince Harry, the blue-eyed boy of the Royal Family, will soon be adding "coverboy" to his list of achievements next month when he becomes the first man to grace the front page of a magazine since his father Charles did in 1992.
They said Haqqani group was once blue-eyed boy of Pentagon.
She told Wales on Sunday: "When you talk about a soldier, you think about the brave man killed in action, the husband and the father, but for me I lost my blue-eyed boy, the one who made me laugh every day from the moment he was born.
Watch this space for the next from Karachi's blue-eyed boy.
HE MIGHT be one of the most decorated Red Devils of all time, but Ryan Giggsisstill his grandmother's blue-eyed boy.
HE'S seen as the blue-eyed boy of indie in the States.
I don't know what the people who organise world awards do at the weekends To be fair, you need millions in the bank to see Jose Mourinho's blue-eyed boy Frank Lampard in the flesh at Stamford Bridge
Although she is herself an African American, the blond, blue-eyed boy who lives across the street is a relative.
IN the 1970s John DeLorean was the blue-eyed boy - charismatic, with movie star looks and a promising future ahead of him in General Motors.
Nasser Hussain committed the cardinal sin in cricket, running out his partner at the wicket, the game's new blue-eyed boy, Andrew Strauss.
For the Headingley Test viewers jam the station's switchboard demanding more aerial shots from cricket's new blue-eyed boy.
Mahmoud, a blue-eyed boy from the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, says that the Jews can stay, but only as guests, when Al Quds (Jerusalem) is returned to his people.
He then placed the blond, blue-eyed boy in the bathtub, called 911 and said his son had drowned, investigators said.
The PPP leader also said that Nawaz Sharif was dictator Zia's blue-eyed boy, therefore he chose to appoint former dictator Pervez Musharraf's near and dear one as the chairperson of Benzair Income Support Programme.