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The minister said the President Muhammad Buhari-led Federal Government was now using the blue collar job to redeem Nigerian youths from joblessness occasioned by lack of white collar jobs.
Project Blue Collar is honored to help fundraise for this historical event, so any purchases will help them meet their goal.
H1a: Higher positive affect levels will be significantly and positively related to organizational commitment levels for both white and blue collar workers.
For white collars, observed workers' contributions are between 15% and 16% of wages, while the legal contributions are around 18%; for blue collars, observed workers' contributions are around 12% of wages, while legal contributions are set at around 13%.
In contrast, skilled blue collar tradesmen and women had been hit hard by the recession in the manufacturing and construction sectors, with the least skilled workers being the biggest losers in the jobs downturn.
The plant is part of Ahlstrom's Glass & Industrial Nonwovens business area and employs approximately 400 people, of which roughly 300 are blue collar and roughly 100 are white collar employees.
Blue collar workers in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and South Wales have been among the worst affected by growing unemployment, while London and the South East have suffered more white collar job losses.
Only now that blue collar musician is also an author and the topic doesn't seem very blue collar at all.
The Blue-Collar Resume and Job Hunting Guide: Secrets to Getting and Keeping the Job You Really Want considers the pros and cons of today's 'new' blue collar jobs and workers, uses a 10-step process to emphasize the job search options for both short- and long-term employment goals, and adds resume and letter examples from four professional resume writers.
WinSystems has announced Blue Collar Linux for its -40[degrees]C to +85[degrees]C EPIC, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and EBX single board computers (SBCs).
Comedy Central is unleashing proven blue collar entity Brett Butler on the heartland for an unscripted skein while the WB hopes to extend its redneck aud with a mobile home makeover project.
I think everybody is blue collar," Engvall said recently in a telephone interview from his home in Manhattan Beach, Calif.
In one of the most trenchant analyses of the 2000 election, Clinton notes the little-commented upon role of the National Rifle Association in flooding blue collar workers with anti-Gore propaganda.
learned this shortly after he launched Blue Collar Objects L.