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blubber gut(s)

(ˈbləbɚ ˈgət(s))
n. a fat person. (Also a rude term of address.) Why doesn’t that blubber gut do something about all that weight?
See also: blubber, gut

blubber gut

See also: blubber, gut
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Drog's description of "women-met-at-cons" as "pasty skinned blubbery pale nerdettes" reveals several further aspects of these men's negotiation of nerd identities.
The 1931 book's childlike savages with their blubbery lips and poor French would offend any African child, he said.
Then how come," he wondered, "you eat so much that obesity is becoming your greatest killer, that your kids are blubbery balloons while you throw out 10 billion quids' worth of food each year?
IN THE POST-apocalyptic 2008 cartoon movie WALL-E, the remaining humans have acquired the proportions of blubbery marine mammals and use levitating gurneys to get around.
Consequently, my own legal beaver was more then a little interested in the success of the chocolate bar, fizzy drink and crisp makers that have a steely grip on the nation's blubbery throat.
I remember encountering a disgusting, blubbery yob vomiting on the pavement outside the Lineker Bar, flesh protruding everywhere from beneath a Union Jack vest.
The Man United chubster gained a wife in the close-season - he wed Coleen in Italy - and a couple of stone judging by his blubbery physique in yesterday's friendly with Aberdeen.
Isn't Cody the last person you thought would get all blubbery on us?
Spindly aristos with prize-winning jug ears that spend the afternoon holding up the topper left by grandfather in his will; blubbery men who failed to attend the fitting for their hire suit on account of being unavoidably detained in the saloon bar of the Ferret and Sack by the Hunslet versus Dewsbury game; none of it reflects well on anybody involved.
And if Mayorga did show up, Rivera probably would have pounded his blubbery body all over the MSG ring - making a major name for himself, pocketing $250,000, and all without risking his WBA welterweight title because Mayorga had weighed in 6-1/2 pounds over the 147-pound limit, vacating the bout's title status.
inspires the tag has nothing to do with blubbery romanticism but rather
At a time of so much focus on obesity, the word is that even cute, blubbery babies can be too fat for their own good.
Case in point the introduction of the fellow misfits who share Castle's dilapidated tenement; a blubbery recluse with a cooking streak, a dysfunctional young slacker with multiple piercings, and a loser waitress (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) on a lifelong run of bad luck.
Hunters favored bowheads' meat and blubbery skin, and large profits were made from the sale of their oil, baleen, and whale bone, which was used for corsets, buggy whips, watch springs, and fishing rods.