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blubber gut(s)

A pejorative term for one who is obese. Before sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine, I was a real blubber guts.
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blubber gut(s)

(ˈbləbɚ ˈgət(s))
n. a fat person. (Also a rude term of address.) Why doesn’t that blubber gut do something about all that weight?
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blubber gut

See also: blubber, gut
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They have wide mouths, large blubbery lips, and an overbite--a combination of features that gives them a comical appearance.
Bad enough with Jennifer I-Can't-Help-Being-Fat Johnson always blubbery. I told myself that, whatever else, I'd not be blubbery.
Whether they're burrowing birds, blubbery whales, or snuggling squirrels, animals have lots of ways to keep warm in winter.
Lacking a blubbery layer of fat, sea otters survive frigid temperatures by trapping air within their fur.
The blubbery beast was first spotted from the shore late on Thursday afternoon by Lewis Hooper, a volunteer at North Ronaldsay bird observatory.
Let those apt to make excuses for our blubbery brethren witter on about ignorance of nutrition and a food industry that's all too ready to tempt us with cheap, unhealthy food and drinks.
When that blubbery arbiter of good culinary taste Monsieur Michelin publishes his next guide in the autumn, Adam's Restaurant will join the three Birmingham establishments that already hold stars.
LOS ANGELES -- US retailer Target apologized Friday after a labeling gaffe that saw the color of a plus-size dress named after manatees, the blubbery denizens of the deep found off the Florida coast.
I realise his warm-hearted enthusiasm for these blubbery creatures is infectious one afternoon in Storoya, when we run into a haul-out of walrus.
At Blubbery Lake near Morpeth, Steve Wood, Trev Wilson and Dave Coster have all been catching around 5lb apiece - mainly skimmers around half a pound, and on Leazes Park Malcolm Macdonald had a netful of small perch along with bonus roach up to 5oz.
Then how come," he wondered, "you eat so much that obesity is becoming your greatest killer, that your kids are blubbery balloons while you throw out 10 billion quids' worth of food each year?" Pops, I replied, there's no answer to that.
The Man United chubster gained a wife in the close-season - he wed Coleen in Italy - and a couple of stone judging by his blubbery physique in yesterday's friendly with Aberdeen.
On the telly, he looks a bit thick-lipped and blubbery.
Brown, the play's chief foil, and Michael Skinner is the quintessentially blubbery yes man.