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blubber gut(s)

A pejorative term for one who is obese. Before sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine, I was a real blubber guts.
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blubber gut(s)

(ˈbləbɚ ˈgət(s))
n. a fat person. (Also a rude term of address.) Why doesn’t that blubber gut do something about all that weight?
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blubber gut

See also: blubber, gut
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I tell you what's offensive - our tax dosh being used to fund the manpower (sue me) for someone to come up with this ludicrous piece of blubbering PC nonsense.
The blubbering one likened Andy Goram to Moby, the unfortunate sperm whale, and as the pot calling the kettle black, said it was high time - and tide - Goram reappeared for training.
Blubbering Barlow might have to take to the road with his whining music to pay his tax bill, it is reported.
Schindler's List,Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart are the top three movies that cause blokes to start blubbering.
Even though the new Justin stuff (and yes, I like to think we're on first name terms) is a bit watery, the pair together on the same bill could turn me into a blubbering mess like a Bay City Rollers fan circa 1976.
But the mum of two, from Co Cork, can't stop blubbering in tonight's episode of RTE Two's Don't Tell The Bride.
Like Campbell he's been accused of either being a shameless actor or a blubbering wimp.
It urged supporters: "If the worst does happen, please do yourself and your club a favour and make sure the Sky cameras don't catch you snivelling into your scarf or blubbering into your best mate's shoulder.