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blubber gut(s)

A pejorative term for one who is obese. Before sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine, I was a real blubber guts.
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blubber gut(s)

(ˈbləbɚ ˈgət(s))
n. a fat person. (Also a rude term of address.) Why doesn’t that blubber gut do something about all that weight?
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blubber gut

See also: blubber, gut
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An hour later the lamps blazed in Kadlu's house; snow-water was heating; the pots were beginning to simmer, and the snow was dripping from the roof, as Amoraq made ready a meal for all the village, and the boy-baby in the hood chewed at a strip of rich nutty blubber, and the hunters slowly and methodically filled themselves to the very brim with seal-meat.
Why do the blubber fats in traditional Inuit diets not cause obesity?
The blubber layer was emaciated - 4 inches or less," compared with up to 12 inches in a healthy blue whale, Stevenson said.
Adam Woodyatt as blubber man Ian Beale, there is intrigue and conflict as yet more secrets are revealed.
Three types of jellyfish are commonly found in Dubai waters -- the blue blubber jellyfish between April and May, upside-down jellyfish, and nettle jellyfish between September and October.
Whale blubber could be boiled down into oil, while baleen - the comb-like filters inside the creature's mouth - was used for everything from chair backs to skirt hoops and corsets.
A humpback whale calf injured in Sydney Harbour should survive an 80cm gash because of it's thick layer of blubber and protective mother.
I suppose when you're in an ice cave eating blubber, cooking blubber and blubbering into your blubber, it's a distraction keeping a note of what the penguins are up to.
Observe: Penguins, seals, and other animals that live near either the North or South Poles often have a layer of fat called blubber.
The authors used immunochemistry to analyze CYP1A1 expression in skin and blubber samples collected from 234 sperm whales from five Pacific Ocean regions.
The group of harbour seals at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium have been put on double rations to help build up their blubber to cope with the wintry weather.
Whale meat and blubber are being consumed by these people, whose forefathers were the Vikings, but the meat is also offered on the open market for sale.
She'll moan about her weight in the Press, have the blubber sucked out in surgery, reveal her new body in a mag deal.
From the large slabs of frozen blubber that I receive from the CCSN, I make a viscous, brilliantly yellow, and very "fragrant" oil.