blown away

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be blown away

To be thoroughly impressed, overwhelmed, or excited by something. I am blown away by the show of support from everyone. I was blown away by how good that movie was!
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blow away

1. Of the wind, to blow someone or something away from its current location. Our trashcans were blown away in that bad storm, and we finally found them down the street in our neighbor's yard. I was almost blown away on my walk to the library because it's so windy out!
2. To thoroughly impress, overwhelm, or excite. In this usage, a noun can be used between "blow" and "away." The show of support from everyone just blew me away. I was blown away by how good that movie was!
3. slang To kill someone, especially with gunfire or an explosive device. Ray blew away the informant, just as the boss told him to.
4. To defeat an opponent easily and/or by a wide margin. In this usage, a noun can used between "blow" and "away." The final score was 17-1? Wow, we really blew that team away! I have a feeling the top-ranked team is just going to blow away any opponent they face.
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blown away

1. Thoroughly impressed, overwhelmed, or excited by something. I am blown away by the show of support from everyone. I was blown away by how good that movie was!
2. Intoxicated, either by drugs or alcohol. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really blown away!
3. Killed by gunfire. Two guys were blown away in your building tonight, and you don't know anything about it?
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blowed (away)

mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (see also blown away.) I was so blowed away I couldn’t see straight.
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blown away

1. mod. dead; killed. (Underworld.) Four of the mob were already blown away when the cops got there.
2. and blown mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Whatever that pill was, Cecilia is totally blown away. She’s blown and alone and making a groan.
3. mod. overwhelmed; greatly impressed. (Often with with or by.) We were just blown away by your good words.
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Customers looking for a ringing endorsement of firearms will be disappointed in Blown Away, on the other hand they will be touched by the stories related by the women featured in the book and made to think about how America perceives women gun owners.
Blown Away uses live music and shadow puppetry to create performances which will enchant three to six year-olds and families.
Kanya said: "We've been blown away by the warm reception we received from Scotland and, in particular, the people of Glasgow.
After it's blown away it's highly unlikely that anyone will return it.
If the drug tests scare you away, you're going to be blown away by the rest of it.
The blown away guy image began life in 1979 as a retail ad aimed at retailers in trade magazines, but was soon developed for consumer print and television ads to capitalize on its powerful image.
Chris was so blown away by Wild Tim's bag, that he had to rest under a trestle and be nursed back to health with coconut mango juice.
Launched in August and equipped with dust-penetrating infrared detectors, the telescope not only detected previously hidden newborn stars but also found a vast cavity within the nebula where intense radiation from the young stars has blown away dust, notes Spitzer researcher Bernhard Brandl of Cornell University and the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.
PETERSTONE Fishery resembled the North Sea for the first of the new series of open matches and tackle was smashed and blown away by the howling wind.
CLYDE coach Allan Maitland insisted his troops hadn't been blown away by the Jags - but the wind.
She had already blown away Louis Walsh by mentioning she hailed from Ireland.
Summary: New X Factor judge Kelly Rowland is being blown away by British talent, but not just in the musical sense.