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True military heroes do not brag of their combat experience and don't go around blowing their own horn or get someone to blow it for them, if you catch my drift.
CAR companies enjoy blowing their own horn as they launch a revamp of their range.
They were blowing their own horn," said Bob Tisch, the Giants' co-owner, of Policy, who spent the week before re-stating publicly how much more San Francisco needed Hampton than New York.
In July's first edition there were lawyers and mediators blowing their own horns like Sousa's brass section; but one ad shone out like a nova in a nearby galaxy.
Internal IT departments are good at blowing their own horns and building empires, promising companies a competitive advantage if only they are given carte blanche to pursue their endless schemes.
If you can get past the pompous chapter titles like "Saving the Oceans," and "Protecting the Constitution," you're likely to find enough nuggets to keep you going, and perhaps in the end make you wish that there were a few more like him out there, blowing their own horns in full, discordant exuberance.