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Especially when it's blowing smoke, funneled through a smoke machine inside the shop, next to a giant U.S.
Watville Primary School was closed on Tuesday and will remain shut until today because of winds blowing smoke towards the school site from Middlemore Industrial Estate, where the blaze broke out last Wednesday.
It's not about blowing smoke into the team and telling us all how great we are."
Three years ago, the Botevgrad landfill was blowing smoke daily.
She wasn't just huffing, puffing and blowing smoke. As resident director of the "How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular" touring show that comes to the DCU Center for eight performances today through Sunday, Lavin oversees a massive production that includes Vikings and 23 flying dragons, some with wingspans of up to 46 feet, that can indeed blow smoke and fire.
In Blowing Smoke: Rethinking the War on Drugs without Prohibition and Rehab (Rowman & Littlefield), Michael Reznicek shows how such language reinforces the logic of drug prohibition by implying that people cannot help themselves.
It's difficult to decide which is more inconsiderate - the insistence of parents to drive to within a few yards of the school gates - whatever the danger to other pedestrians and children - or patients and visitors leaning against large 'no smoking' signs nonchalantly blowing smoke over anyone passing through the hospital reception area, despite a designated smoking facility only 25 yards away.
A kids' party staged by Babel turned sour when a children's entertainer dressed as Spongebob removed his face covering to light a cigarette, started blowing smoke in the children's faces, then revealed he had recently been released from jail!
There are also several cartoons and photos of mothers blowing smoke into infants' faces.
I guess blowing smoke is what politicians do, even those who got elected in November on the claims they would change things in Washington.
She is also seen standing over the helpless male, blowing smoke in his face.
Every second young woman must have been blowing smoke into the air thinking they were so cool.
For this reason, I suspect the majority of people you quote in the article who suggest that saving energy and materials is a worthy end in itself are just blowing smoke and that in the final analysis their goals are really no different than ours were.
Alex Newman, one of your NEW AMERICAN writers, is blowing smoke about autoworkers' wages without knowing the facts ("Auto Bailout: Lemon or Lemonade?" January 5 issue).
It's during great adversity that certain things become very clear: who has been "blowing smoke" and who has "stickability." The companies that will succeed in 2009 are those that have a solid business plan and market-driven products, all mixed with a generous measure of perseverance.