blow it

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blow it

slang To ruin, mishandle, or fail to capitalize on an opportunity. Bob was being considered for the promotion, but he blew it when he came in late to work each day this week. Things were going well with Steve, but I blew it by smothering him.
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blow it

1. Spoil, botch, or bungle something, as in That was a great opportunity, but now I've blown it. [Slang; c. 1940]
2. blow one's lines. Make a mistake in speaking one's part in a theatrical production, as in Ben blew his lines, but Dean came to the rescue. [Mid-1900s]
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ˈblow it


blow your ˈchances

waste an opportunity: You had your chance and you blew it.She blew her chances by arriving late for the interview.
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References in classic literature ?
'Up a wide and ancient staircase the smart girl preceded Tom, shading the chamber candle with her hand, to protect it from the currents of air which in such a rambling old place might have found plenty of room to disport themselves in, without blowing the candle out, but which did blow it out nevertheless--thus affording Tom's enemies an opportunity of asserting that it was he, and not the wind, who extinguished the candle, and that while he pretended to be blowing it alight again, he was in fact kissing the girl.
Like glass blowing it's now a dying art, but one I believe should really be rejuvenated, because it's fun!
In quiet, effusive eruptions, they assumed, the molten rock either didn't contain much dissolved gas or the bubbles found a way to escape the magma without blowing it apart.
Trying to reach the green with an 8 or 9-iron when the wind is blowing it's a nightmare as there's water straight in front.