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THE Taoiseach has been at it again, blowing his own trumpet and telling anyone who will listen that he's a shoo-in for the next election.
A NORTH hunstsman will be blowing his own trumpet later this month - and a 100-year-old one at that.
But this is followed by the inaptly-named Magnificent which has all the worst excesses of U2 with Bono blowing his own trumpet to a degree that verges on self-parody.
On Tuesday, the local MP, Richard Burden, writes an article suggesting that as well as blowing his own trumpet, Councillor Whitby should also remember the contribution made by others - including people from the local community and some of Councillor Whitby's own staff.
Rhodri Morgan is always blowing his own trumpet about promoting Wales to the world whenever he travels at public expense when we have, on our doorstep, one of the best tourist attractions Wales could possibly have, the fine ship HMS Cardiff.
But there could be a real problem if all this publicity goes to his head, since he's already blowing his own trumpet.
I understand many find Miller unapproachable and reckon he spends more time blowing his own trumpet than finding solutions to club problems.
No, he won't be delivering a speech on his great prowess - Nobby is far too self-effacing for that - but he will be literally blowing his own trumpet.
BLOWING HIS OWN TRUMPET Simon Dennis from the Jambone Big Band plays on the roof of the Sage in Gateshead.
A TORY candidate is accused of sending a letter to a newspaper blowing his own trumpet.
Man of the week: He doesn't like blowing his own trumpet but isn't Nobby Solano so in tune these days?