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I'll be blowed

used to express surprise, annoyance, etc. informal
See also: blowed

blowed (away)

mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (see also blown away.) I was so blowed away I couldn’t see straight.
See also: away, blowed


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Well I'll Be Blowed harmonica players from left, president Eric Houghton, Alf Clay, Alwyn Wilson, and Rob Shannon
Five Scenes from Tree-monisha: We're goin' around; Prelude; Aunt Dinah has blowed de Horn; Superstition; A Real Slow Drag.
The eldest was without doors looking to some cattle; the middle-most, being a son about five years old, seeing his father's fowling piece, (being a very great one) stand in the chimney, took it and laid it upon a stool, as he had seen his father do, and pulled up the cock, (the spring being weak) and put down the hammer, then went to the other end and blowed in the mouth of the piece, as he had seen his father also do, and with that stirring the piece, being charged, it went off, and shot the child into the mouth and through his head.
You knew what time it was when the (mill) whistle blowed," LaFleur said.
Instead, she spent years attending open mic performances at Project Blowed, the epicenter of independent West Coast hip-hop.
Theatre: Isle be blowed, Scooby Big Dane crew Scooby-Doo And The Pirate Ghost: Forum Theatre, Billingham, from Wednesday, April 29, to Sunday, May 3.
Snopes reduces human beings to exchange value and disregards the vulnerable physical body that makes them human: (8) Harker remarks, "I finally got it into Turl's head that that I00 on that dial meant where Turl would not only lose his job, he would lose it so good they wouldn't even be able to find the job to give it to the next misbegotten that believed that live steam was something you blowed on a window pane in cold weather" (153).
Kenny is the talent behind the theme song for "How To Look Good Naked" which has aired on Lifetime TV over the past year, and most recently launched Ken Can Cook on indie label Decon/Project Blowed.
She was like that woman drivin the moon across the sky, halfway up over the splashboard with her gossamer stoles all flyin out behind her in silver cobwebs and her hair streamin back to show the dark little hollows of her temples, lashin those horses and tellin me to get along faster and never mind how they blowed, just faster, faster, faster.
I'm pretty sure he had another hit but I'm blowed if I can think what it was - can you help?
Spiders were carefully removed from their web, and prey items were blowed the same way as mentioned before.
I've wasted my Saturday afternoon watching it, and I'll be blowed if I'm going to waste part of my Saturday evening thinking of something to say about it.
For Fud was born in 'aught-six, and when the Great Blizzard of 'fifty-seven blowed through New York in darkest March and buried the streets from Sheridan Square to Minton's and farther, the crews come out with their plows and shovels, and two days after, one truck turned the corner from Times Square onto 47th, and there on the left was a snow- bank big as Kelly's Stables with two legs sticking out at a angle in tuxedo pants.
Someone puts up a straw house, and the wolf blowed everything.