blow (up)on (someone or something)

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blow (up)on (someone or something)

1. obsolete To defame or discredit someone or something; to slander or ruin someone's or something's reputation. No one in town would do business with Mr. Farnam after his honor and integrity had been blown upon by the duke. Think very carefully before you go blowing on someone of his rank, lest you wish to make a very powerful enemy.
2. obsolete To expose, reveal information about, or inform against someone or something. Confess to the crime, Cedric—your cronies have already blown upon you! He followed the traveling salesman to his next destination, intending to blow on his product as the snake oil that it was.
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blow on it

slang Calm down! I know you guys are upset, but blow on it! You're going to wake the neighbors!
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blow on something

to force air across something especially with a puff of breath. Jill blew on the hot soup. Blow on the fire to make it burn hotter.
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