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These people blow their noses at the dinner table every time they sit down and then return their dirty tissues to their pockets and carry on eating.
Fingers, Drumm and Seanie wouldn't get out of bed to blow their noses on EUR300, so why are we taking it from the poorest people in the country?
London, Dec 30 (ANI): Pupils at Broad Oak Primary School in Manchester are being taught how to blow their noses!
"I send my kids to school to learn, not for someone to show them how to blow their nose," the parent said.
Players hawk and spit and blow their noses out on the grass.
Officials said they should be too small for people to blow their noses on HM's image.
The Privy Purse Office wrote to the Home Office as they feared people would blow their noses on pictures of the then Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.
The earliest instructs the public on how to blow their noses.
They also saved in sealed bags all the tissues they used to wipe or blow their noses. The tissues were weighed as a means of determining the amount of mucus secretion.
"So we are offering shoppers the chance to blow their noses at our expense."