blow someone out

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blow out

1. To extinguish something (typically a flame) with some form of air, such as breath or wind. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "blow" and "out." Make a wish and blow out your birthday candles! That huge gust of wind blew out all our tiki torches.
2. To break or burst suddenly. I almost lost control of the car when one of the tires blew out on the highway.
3. verb, slang To kill someone, typically with gunfire. Ray blew out the informant, just as the boss told him to.
4. To defeat an opponent easily and/or by a wide margin. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "blow" and "out." The final score was 17–1? Wow, we really blew that team out! I have a feeling the top-ranked team is just going to blow out any opponent they face.
5. To return to a state of calm after turmoil by something's own workings. Don't worry, the storm will blow out eventually.
6. To break or explode due to excessive pressure or force. The vibration of that opera singer's high note blew out a window!
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1. An intense argument or disagreement. Our neighbors had a real blowout last night—we could hear them screaming at each other through the walls.
2. A big, elaborate party or event. Come on, we need to have one last blowout before we graduate from college!
3. A retail sale characterized by very steep discounts. We're having the biggest blowout of the year. Get up to 75% off on all our stock! Our summer blowout is now on, but hurry—these deals won't last long!
4. A method of styling one's hair with a blow dryer and a round brush. To ensure that my hair would look good for the wedding, I stopped at the salon for a blowout.
5. An instance of a tire suddenly bursting while the vehicle is being driven. I almost lost control of the car when I got a blowout on the highway.
6. The unchecked, often accidental, release of a substance, such as oil or gas. What effects did the oil blowout have on marine life?
7. A victory achieved very easily and by a wide margin. The final score was 17–1? Wow, that's really a blowout!
8. slang An instance of excessive fecal matter not being contained by a diaper. I'm sorry I'm late, the baby had a blowout, so I had to give her a bath before dropping her at the sitter's.
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blow someone out

tv. to kill someone, especially with gunshots. Lefty set out to blow Harry the Horse out once and for all.
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