blow someone/something to kingdom come

blow (someone or something) to kingdom come

1. slang To kill someone with gunfire or an explosion. "Kingdom come," a phrase taken from the Lord's Prayer, refers to heaven or the afterlife. The robber waved his gun and shouted, "Get back, or I'll blow you to kingdom come!"
2. slang To destroy something with an explosion. If we blow these rocks to kingdom come, we should be able to rescue the trapped hikers from the cave.
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blow someone/something to kingdom come


blow someone/something from here to kingdom come

If someone blows someone or something to kingdom come or from here to kingdom come, they destroy them completely and often violently. She couldn't shoot freely for fear of blowing herself to kingdom come. She remembered him blowing the cliff to kingdom come without a moment's fear. Note: Verbs such as blast, bomb, and shoot are sometimes used instead of blow. We bombed the country from here to kingdom come.
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