blow somebody/something out of the water

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blow (someone or something) out of the water

1. To totally defeat or ruin someone or something. The image refers to the explosion of a ship that has been hit by enemy fire. The final score was 17–1? Wow, we really blew that team out of the water! I planned to be productive today, but a sudden emergency blew that idea out of the water.
2. To thoroughly impress, overwhelm, or excite one. The show of support from everyone just blew me out of the water. That movie really blew me out of the water—I didn't expect it to be so good!
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blow somebody/something out of the ˈwater

1 destroy somebody/something completely
2 show that somebody/something is not good at all: A DVD music system plays discs that look like CDs, but blows them out of the water.
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