blow somebody/something sky-high

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blow (something) sky-high

1. Literally, to destroy something through an explosion. The tanks blew the enemy fortress sky-high.
2. To undermine or negate something completely. I thought I had finally discovered the problem with our experiment, but, when we tested it, the results blew my theory sky-high. Bob was considered for the promotion, but he blew that idea sky-high when he came in late to work each day this week.
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blow sky-high

1. Destroy by explosion, explode, as in Once the charge is set, get away fast or you'll be blown sky-high. [Early 1800s] Also see under blow up.
2. Refute completely, as in The lab report has blown your theory sky-high. [Mid-1800s]
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blow something sky-high

If someone or something blows someone's plan or intention sky-high, they cause it to fail completely. If Diana breathes a word of this to Mills, it could blow the whole scheme sky-high.
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blow something sky-high

destroy something completely in an explosion. informal
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blow somebody/something ˌsky-ˈhigh

(informal) destroy somebody/something completely in an explosion: The explosives factory was blown sky-high when one of the workers lit a match.
See also: blow, somebody, something
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Among the nonsensical theories that Kilkenny blow sky high is that a team 'needs a new voice' every few years: three being the accepted norm.
It seems Gavin should have been looking for his enemies a little closer to home, or perhaps in his bed, as all of his and Allie's hard work could be about to blow sky high like a bouffant beehive.
Paul Lawrie saw his Catalan Open title hopes blow sky high yesterday.