blow one's mind

blow (one's) mind

1. To impress, overwhelm, or excite one to an extreme degree. The show of support from everyone has just blown my mind. I had really low expectations for the movie, but it totally blew my mind.
2. To impact, alter, or disturb one's normal cognitive process or ability to a great degree, especially as a result of drug use. Watch out, this weed is pretty strong. It'll blow your mind! I knew a few friends in college who blew their minds taking LSD.
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blow one's mind

1. Surprise, shock, or amaze one, as in This jazz group blows my mind, or Joe served a jail sentence? That blows my mind. This term is used rather loosely, as seen in the examples; the first signifies amazement and pleasure, the second shock and dismay. [Slang; 1960s]
2. Alter one's perceptions, especially through drug use, as in Taking LSD really blows one's mind. [Slang; 1960s]
3. Make insane, drive crazy, as in Was it his wife's death that blew his mind? or Losing her savings blew her mind. [1960s]
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blow one's mind, to

To shock or surprise or astonish one; also, to lose one’s mind, to go crazy. This slangy phrase dates from the mid-1960s, when hippie culture and anti-establishment feelings were at their height, and when it also meant to have a drug-induced experience. By 2000 the most common usage involved amazement, as in “He managed to juggle eight oranges at a time—it blew my mind.” See also blow away.
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For the most part, the author concentrates not on unworthy pranks but on imaginations operating in the elasticity of American culture, some of which "blow one's mind." Surely the impact of wrestler Gorgeous George on composer-singer Bob Dylan and heavyweight champion Muhammad Ah ranks among the most intriguing.
Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook said that they are going to come up with features that would blow one's mind and also products that one has not thought of yet, as they see around the next corner to articulate the way to take music to an even higher level than it currently is.
It was all about ducks and I can fill twelve to sixteen hundred words full of information about ducks, believe you me, but it wasn't quite the stuff to blow one's mind or make any sort of lasting impression outside of thinking that I'm way too attached to our ducks.