blow into

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blow in(to)

1. Of the wind, to blow a person or thing inward or into something else. When "into" is used, it is followed by a noun. The wind is so strong that it keeps blowing in our curtains and knocking things off the windowsills. We had such a hard time walking in that gusty wind that we were almost blown into each other!
2. To arrive in a certain place or area after having been carried by the wind. But if cold air from the north blows in this weekend, that rain will change to snow. The dust storm is going to blow into the city soon. We'd better get indoors.
3. Of a person, to arrive suddenly. Well, Paulina just blew into town, if you want to come over and see her. My brother always just blows in with no warning and expects me to entertain him.
4. To expel air into something. Figuring out how to blow into my saxophone for the first time is something I'll never forget. Blow into that bottle and see what kind of noise it makes.
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blow into something

to force air into something. He blew into the balloon. I blew into the box, hoping to get some of the little bits of paper out.
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