blow (one's) top

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blow (one's) top

To become very angry, often quickly. Oh man, Dad is going to blow his top when he sees that I wrecked his car!
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blow one's top

1. Also, blow one's stack. Fly into a rage; lose one's composure. For example, If she calls about this one more time I'm going to blow my top, or Warren is generally very easy-going, but today he blew his stack. The top here has been likened to the top of an erupting volcano; the stack alludes to a smokestack. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
2. Go crazy, become insane, as in When she regains consciousness, she just may blow her top. [Slang; first half of 1900s] Also see flip one's lid.
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blow your top

If you blow your top, you become very angry with someone and shout at them. I blew my top recently and broke my right hand hitting a dustbin. I never asked personal questions because she'd always blow her top. Compare with blow your stack.
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blow your top

lose your temper.
Two, chiefly North American, variants are blow your lid and blow your stack .
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blow your ˈtop

(British English) (American English blow your ˈstack) (informal) suddenly become very angry: My mum blew her top when she found out that I’d damaged her car.
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blow one’s top

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blow one's top/stack/fuse, to

To lose one’s temper. The first two terms allude to clearing the stack of a ship by blowing air through it; the last refers to the sudden power stoppage when a fuse blows. All are slang from the first half of the twentieth century. Jane Smiley wrote in Horse Heaven (2000), “‘It’s kind of fun in a way. At least I get to blow my stack a lot and they don’t mind. Blowing your stack is the way they do things here.’”
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While it's nice to see Michael O'Leary blow his top it'll mean dearer airfares in future.
IT'S not a bad pint of beer or a losing football team that is most likely to make a man blow his top but other people's bad manners, says a new poll.
So Keano was right to blow his top - if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right.
NICOLAS Sarkozy had every right to blow his top yesterday.
BERTIE Ahern is right to blow his top with consultants who seem to want it all their own way.
Richie, who recently wrote the song Ball and Chain about the divorce, claims he did not blow his top when he saw her bill.