blow (one's) stack

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blow (one's) stack

To become very angry, often quickly. Oh man, Dad is going to blow his stack when he sees that I wrecked his car!
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blow your stack

If you blow your stack, you become very angry with someone and shout at them. My father really blew his stack when I told him. Now, whenever I feel like I'm going to scream or blow my stack or punch the wall, I head for my quiet place.
See also: blow, stack
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blow one’s stack

See also: blow, stack
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blow one's top/stack/fuse, to

To lose one’s temper. The first two terms allude to clearing the stack of a ship by blowing air through it; the last refers to the sudden power stoppage when a fuse blows. All are slang from the first half of the twentieth century. Jane Smiley wrote in Horse Heaven (2000), “‘It’s kind of fun in a way. At least I get to blow my stack a lot and they don’t mind. Blowing your stack is the way they do things here.’”
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I wasn't actually looking forward to the duel as one of our opponents, nicknamed 'Thunderbolt' has a reputation as a club-thrower, a man likely to blow his stack following any errant shot.
That sort of sugary laxity, in the mind of our abnormal Joe, can lead to things going completely awry, and might lead to things being done differently, whether thoughtlessly or out of curiosity to see just how badly our Joe will blow his stack.
But if this is the outcome maybe he should blow his stack a bit more often.
The unexpected attack caused the Canadian commander, General Jonathan Vance, to blow his stack at the local village elders.
He's liable to blow his stack when he needs to be calm.