blow away the cobwebs

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blow away the cobwebs

To energize or invigorate oneself. ("Cobwebs" are spider webs that are typically found in abandoned spaces.) When was the last time you left the house? Come on, get out there and blow away the cobwebs!
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blow away the cobwebs

If something, especially exercise, blows away the cobwebs, it makes you feel more alert and lively, when you have previously felt tired. We had a walk after lunch to blow away the cobwebs. Note: Verbs such as brush away, clear away and dust away are sometimes used instead of blow away. We had to get a game in to brush away the cobwebs before the Germany match.
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blow (or clear) away the cobwebs

banish a state of lethargy; enliven or refresh yourself.
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blow away the ˈcobwebs

(informal) make you feel lively and refreshed, especially after you have been indoors for too long: After sitting around for hours, we went out and had a long walk along the beach to blow the cobwebs away.
A cobweb is a fine net of threads made by a spider, often found in rooms or buildings that have not been used for a long time.
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The change means Moody is available for Leicester's clash with Sale on Saturday, giving him a match in which to blow away the cobwebs before the Wales game.
Nicky Richards plans to give his star and Champion Hurdle hope Faasel a racecourse gallop to blow away the cobwebs if the meeting passes a 7.
Blow away the cobwebs following the Thames Path for a few miles.
Take time to exercise - taking a walk in the fresh air will not only blow away the cobwebs, it will help you tone up and get fit.
Blow away the cobwebs on Boxing Day with a stroll along the nature trail or around Warmwell's attractive fishing lakes - or join in with a game of football or basketball on the multi-sports courts.
Brewsmiths' coffee list has all the usual suspects but also offers soya and gluten-free options with no extra charge, and a super strong Brazilian filter coffee to blow away the cobwebs.
The game allowed the team to blow away the cobwebs before their must-win home fixture against Camp Hill tomorrow.
The Rhinos will be looking to blow away the cobwebs and though they could be slow out of the blocks, they couldn't ask for a much easier game than this one, with Salford in terrible form.
So today we're going to get some goodies from Roath Farmers' market on Keppoch Street before heading to Ogmore for a bracing stroll to blow away the cobwebs (hangover
But if you really want to blow away the cobwebs, try canyoning.
The three-day match against a Patrons team in Rawalpindi, starting on Monday, will not be accorded first-class status, as England try to blow away the cobwebs of seven weeks' inertia.
He said: ``I know most of the lads in the Belle Vue team so it wasn't great to get beaten by them, but it was a good meeting to have to blow away the cobwebs.
THERE is no better way to blow away the cobwebs after a break than securing a derby victory.
But Keegan's biggest concern will be whether Seaman can blow away the cobwebs that plagued him in the first half.
A BLOW away the cobwebs ramble will be held by the four Catholic parishes in Redcar, Marske and Saltburn on Sunday December 29, taking in the Captain Cook monument, near Great Ayton.