blow away the cobwebs

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blow away the cobwebs

To energize or invigorate oneself. ("Cobwebs" are spider webs that are typically found in abandoned spaces.) When was the last time you left the house? Come on, get out there and blow away the cobwebs!
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blow away the cobwebs

If something, especially exercise, blows away the cobwebs, it makes you feel more alert and lively, when you have previously felt tired. We had a walk after lunch to blow away the cobwebs. Note: Verbs such as brush away, clear away and dust away are sometimes used instead of blow away. We had to get a game in to brush away the cobwebs before the Germany match.
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blow (or clear) away the cobwebs

banish a state of lethargy; enliven or refresh yourself.
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blow away the ˈcobwebs

(informal) make you feel lively and refreshed, especially after you have been indoors for too long: After sitting around for hours, we went out and had a long walk along the beach to blow the cobwebs away.
A cobweb is a fine net of threads made by a spider, often found in rooms or buildings that have not been used for a long time.
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Radcliffe was never on course t o trouble her world record of 30:21 but said: "It was good to blow away the cobwebs.
Paula Radcliffe says it is time to blow away the cobwebs and ``find out where I'm at'' in terms of her preparation for the Olympics when she leads Britain's women at the Spar European Cup in Bydgoszcz,Poland.
BLOW away the cobwebs on an action-packed trip in Nepal.
It was good to get out there and blow away the cobwebs," said Yelling, whose return to action had to be put on hold after picking up an injury in training after winning the Silverstone half marathon in March.
Having impressed in schooling sessions at home, but with her hurdling debut delayed until the weather relents, Pipe decided the Polytrack venue provides the perfect opportunity for the five-year-old to blow away the cobwebs following a 528-day absence.
ALL the family are invited to blow away the cobwebs during the long winter months with a gentle stroll in the countryside.
Visitors are invited to blow away the cobwebs by visiting 46 gardens, some of which open exclusively for the event.
Blow away the cobwebs in the sleek Mercedes SLK on a bright winter's day.
Why not blow away the cobwebs with a country ramble, followed by a pub lunch.
I just need to blow away the cobwebs although there is always room for improvement.
Although his comeback run at Epsom was nothing out of the ordinary, Ellison was keen to stress before that race that Tilt was essentially on the Downs to blow away the cobwebs for Chester.
The dog, who was third in the William Hill Northern Puppy Derby final, has had two sprint trials to blow away the cobwebs, and Reid will plan the road to Shawfield after the two-year-old has had another spin over four bends.
We got him back home and found nothing wrong with him - it might just have been he needed it to blow away the cobwebs over fences.
Decadence Dance gave Cherone the chance to blow away the cobwebs and a killer version of Monster maintained the momentum.
This tournament gives us a chance to blow away the cobwebs and experiment without risking vital league points.