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puff and blow

1. To breathe very heavily or laboriously. Running to catch the bus has left me puffing and blowing. You really should quit smoking—look at how you're puffing and blowing after a single flight of stairs!
2. To be blusterously angry or make disgruntled, empty threats. The boss likes to puff and blow when things don't go right, but don't pay too much attention to him. My parents puffed and blew when I told them I was dropping out, but in the end they came to respect my decision.
See also: and, blow, puff

blow something

Sl. to ruin or waste something. I had a chance to do it, but I blew it. He blew the whole five dollars on candy.


1. tv. & in. to leave (someplace) in a hurry. (see also blow town, blow the joint.) It’s late. I gotta blow.
2. tv. to ruin something; to ruin an opportunity. It was my last chance, and I blew it.
3. n. a setback; an attack. Acme Systems Industries suffered a blow to its plans to acquire ABC Steel Widgets.
4. tv. to waste money; to spend money. Mary blew forty bucks on a secondhand radio.
5. in. to become very angry; to lose one’s temper. (see also blow a fuse.) Finally I had had enough, and I blew.
6. in. to play a musical instrument, not necessarily a wind instrument. He blows, and everybody listens.
7. and blow-out n. a drinking party. What a blow over at Joe’s. I’ll never get sober. We blew out of the blow-out at about midnight.
8. tv. to snort any powdered drug; to take snuff. (Drugs.) Those guys spend all their time blowing coke.
9. in. to smoke marijuana. (Drugs.) He sits there blowing by the hour. How can he afford it?
10. n. cocaine. (Drugs.) You can get some good blow over at that crack house.
11. tv. to perform an act of oral sex on someone, especially males. (Usually objectionable.) Tom was looking for some bone addict who would blow him for nothing.


/break open
To get a sudden, insurmountable lead in (an athletic contest).


/toot (one's) own horn Informal
To brag or boast about oneself.

blow (one's)

top/stack Informal
To lose one's temper.
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Designs and manufactures extrusion blow molds, single- and two-stage stretch blow molds, and injection blow molds.
When that soil blows skyward, these dangerous chemicals hitch a ride too.
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While the plethora of different tooling designs, orientation, materials of construction and blow configuration would seem to present an exponential list of variables to control during coremaking, observing the three basic tenets of contain, control and maintain can help keep the actual core production operating smoothly with minimal waste and an improved production environment.
Host Requirements: Because Blow Up is an automation plug-in, it works exclusively with Adobe Photoshop CS or later and Adobe Photoshop Elements(R) 3 or later.
To reduce transportation costs, blow molders are moving closer to these companies--in the range of 200 to 300 miles rather than the 300- to 400mile radius previously prescribed.
If we don't blow the horns and there is a collision, there are many lawyers very happy and willing to sue us with great diligence,'' he says.
Blow moulding is a manufacturing process used to form hollow plastic parts.
Extrusion blow molding a container with a handle may sound easy.
After all, just about everyone would welcome a policy that would blow a hole in the deficit.
Contrary to the cone rheometer, the TMA mode of the thermal analyzer allowed us to quantitatively measure sponge expansion during the cure and blow reactions and determine the blow/cure system gas activation temperature.
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