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a big girl's blouse

A derogatory phrase used in jest to insult a man who other men believe is behaving in a weak or effeminate manner. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. "You're nothing but a big girl's blouse walking around with your hair in a bun like that," yelled the old man to the young hipster.
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blouse bunnies

vulgar slang Breasts, especially when one is fully clothed. Of course all the guys are hitting on her—look at the way she shows off her blouse bunnies!
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let's blouse

dated slang A call to depart; let's get out of here. A: "This place is pretty darn dull." B: "I know—let's blouse."
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a big girl's blouse

If you call a man a big girl's blouse, you mean they are not brave or confident and do not behave in the way that a man should. Come on, jump, you big girl's blouse! Note: A blouse is a shirt worn by girls or women. This expression perhaps refers to what a timid or weak man would be assumed to wear instead of a proper shirt, for example when playing football or rugby.
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big girl's blouse

a weak, cowardly, or oversensitive man. British informal
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a ˌbig girl’s ˈblouse

(informal, humorous) used to say that you think the way a boy or a man is behaving is more typical of a woman than a man, especially when they appear weak or not brave: Don’t be a big girl’s blouse and start crying!
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blouse bunnies

n. the (covered) female breasts. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her busy little blouse bunnies.
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